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The best price of Cooking Pot in Pakistan is Rs. 120 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,679.


Every kitchen needs a set of cooking pans and pots that serve multiple purposes. The right pots can transform the way you cook and can help you achieve the best taste, consistency and final look of a dish. You can buy from a wide collection of cooking pot sets or individual pieces from our website.


Other than sets or individual pots and pans, you can also search for high-quality cookware, dinner sets, kitchen accessories, bakeware and tea trolleys on our website and find a plethora of tasteful designs and options.

Types & Materials

There are many materials used for manufacturing pots and pans for cooking but the most commonly used are Non-stick, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Glass, Brass, Bronze and Clay Pots. The nonstick variety is highly sought after for its easy to clean non-binding surface that prevents the food from sticking to it. Good quality non-stick cooking pots with glass lid, saucepans, pressure cookers, wok etc are available online at our website along with complete sets. Here are the top three companies in Pakistan that sell high-quality cooking pans and pots.

Pakistani Cooking Pans & Pots

There are many types when it comes to cooking pans and pots. Depends on one's requirements and the dish they are trying to make. The most commonly used cooking pots in Pakistan are saucepan, slow cooker, double boiler, stock pot, pressure cooker, handi, crockpot, karahi (wok), rice cooker etc.

1. Prestige Cooking Pots

Prestige is an Indian cookware company selling in Pakistan for decades. It is now a household name in the country. Prestige nonstick pots and pans are considered amongst the top-quality utensils and are also chemical and toxin-free. The prices vary depending on the set, size and material but they are mostly in the affordable range. 

2. Sonex Cooking Pots

Sonex cookware is amongst the best and most sought after in Pakistan. The affordable homegrown brand has been manufacturing great quality cookware since 1960. You can buy cooking pot sets as well as individual pieces in all materials with glass lids etc. 

3. Majestic Chef Cooking Pots

Another homegrown brand in Pakistan that is known for selling a wide range of cookware and bakeware that is also pretty affordable. You can buy nonstick karahi (wok), frying pan, pizza pan, saucepan, grill pan from Majestic Chef at the best prices in Pakistan from our page.

Sale & Discounts

You can easily buy high quality non-stick, anodized, die-cast, metal finish, or aluminium cooking pots and cookware online from multiple sellers on our website. You may also find sale and discounts offered on some items as much as 50% off.

Tips & Comments

Some Pakistani dishes need special equipment for cooking. For the best results, use a slow-cooking pot for nihari, whole roasted chicken, beef haleem, soups etc. Deep fry or stir fry vegetables and meat or make boneless chicken karahi in a deep wok or Pakistani karahi for a delicious flavour. Use a rice cooker for cooking rice dishes in a hassle-free and quick way. As compared to individual pieces, buying sets is more convenient and economical. Look for non-stick cookware  or pots if you like hassle-free cooking and cleaning. Just make sure to choose the non-toxic variety that does not contain any harmful chemicals. 

Price List

Model Price
Silicone Pot Holder Oven Mini Mitt 1 Pair (2pc), … Rs. 275
CHEF Dull Finish Cooking Pan Pot [Casserole/Deghc… Rs. 3,949
Silicone Hand Clip Pot Holder Heat Resistant Oven… Rs. 199
Cooking Pot 24Cm with Glass Lid Marble Coating Rs. 4,250
SK Cookware anodized casserole single piece with … Rs. 4,999
Kaisa Vella High Qualitry Steel Pot 5.5 Liter Rs. 4,500
CHEF Non Stick Heavy Guage Casserole/Degchi/Cooki… Rs. 4,799
KLASSIC Casserole / Cooking Pot 24Cm with Glass L… Rs. 3,268
KLASSIC Cooking Pot / Casserole 24Cm Aluminum All… Rs. 3,020
SIlver Karahi OMEGA Kitchen ware cooking With S… Rs. 1,591
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