Cooking Utensils Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Cooking Utensils in Pakistan is Rs. 89 and estimated average price is Rs. 571.


Utensils for cooking include all pots, pans, tools and articles that are used for cooking food. You can easily buy high quality non-stick, anodized, die-cast, metal finish or aluminium cooking pots and cookware online from multiple sellers on our website. You may also find sale and discounts offered on some cooking utensils for as much as 50% off.


Tescoma, Sonex, Prestige, Magic Chef, Cooper's etc are some of the best selling brands when it comes to cooking utensils in Pakistan. The choice of cooking tools and utensils depends on one's requirements and the dish they are trying to make. The most commonly used cooking pots and pans in Pakistan are saucepan, slow cooker, double boiler, stock pot, pressure cooker, handi, crockpot, karahi (wok), rice cooker etc. They are all available in different materials like non stick, stainless steel, cast iron, stone, clay etc.

Non Stick Cooking Utensils

The nonstick variety is highly sought after for its easy to clean non-binding surface that prevents the food from sticking to it. Good quality non-stick frying pans with glass lid, saucepans, grill pans, tawa, pressure cookers, wok etc are available online at our website along with complete sets.

In a basic 6 piece nonstick pan set, you get multiple sized large and small frying pan, saucepans, wok and tawa. Or a set may include 6 saucepans or pots of varying sizes etc. While you can get cookware sets, you can also buy individual non-stick pots and pans if you don't require an entire set. 

Whichever brand you choose, make sure to go for the non-toxic variety that does not contain a toxic chemical called Perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA that is a suspected carcinogen. Try buying nonstick pots and pans with a silicon-based coating called Thermolon. It is a safe material, is scratch-resistant and doesn’t release toxins into your food, even if the pan is accidentally overheated. 

Clay Pots & Pans

Clay cooking pots are traditionally called Handi in Pakistan and they came with steel or clay lids. The modern clay cooking pots come with glass lids or lids made out of the same material as the pot. Since they are made out of clay there are no toxic chemicals involved in curating them.

Experts believe there are only beneficial nutrients that can get transferred to the food while cooking in clay cookware. This safe to use and eco-friendly cookware can be used on all kitchen appliances, stoves and with all types of foods. They are great for slow-cooked Pakistani meals like stews, nihari, paye, haleem, beans, soups etc.

Unlike other cookware, the porous nature of clay distributes heat and moisture perfectly, allowing the food to cook evenly, preserving the taste and flavours. This keeps the food moist without burning it. Cleaning is also a breeze with earthen cookware as opposed to other types of cookware.

Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker is a frequently used cooking utensil in Pakistani cuisine and in some households, it is used on a daily basis as a quick-cooking option for multiple foods. Most pressure cookers are made out of stainless steel and aluminium. Aluminium pressure cookers are cheaper than stainless steel and even cook food much faster but they don't last long and need to be replaced soon. Stainless steel is a much better, robust and long-lasting option, but is costlier. The final choice entirely comes down to your preferences and budget.

You can buy high-quality cooking utensils from this page. We have a wide collection of earthenware, cookware, decorative items, pots and planters on our website. Keep visiting this page for newer designs and exclusive deals on different types of cooking pots, pans and other cookware.

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