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The cricket stumps are posted on either side of the pitch for playing. The traditional wooden set could be pitched straight into the ground but the popularity of street cricket has transformed the design that comes with a wicket stand to hold the stumps up.


The three positions for the cricket stumps are offside, middle and leg stump that is placed in a straight line with enough space between each stick that can balance the smaller pieces on the top of each section. There are professional quality cricket stumps that are used for international matches and are the most expensive.

The club-quality, spring-back and flexible stumps are used for local championships and matches that are good quality and readily available. The target stump is the most common design that is used for practising and junior league cricket. All types of cricket stumps are 28 inches in height with equal thickness. There are two sets of cricket stumps used in one match placed on opposite ends of the pitch at a distance of 22 yards between which runs are scored by two batsmen.

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