Decakila Toaster Oven Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Decakila Toaster Oven in Pakistan is Rs. 19,560 and estimated average price is Rs. 21,490.


A smaller-sized electric oven, the Decakila Toaster Oven can be used to bake, broil, toast and to re-heat food. There are simple control knobs, making the Decakila Toaster Oven easy to use.


Toaster ovens are convenient if one has lesser things to bake or to re-heat food. The Decakila Toaster Oven can be used to broil as well.

Made with simple knobs that control your toaster oven, the Decakila Toaster Oven has a zinc plated housing. The timer can be set for 60 minutes.

Decakila Toaster Ovens can be used with ease to re-heat food, especially things you want crispy. Some things are hard to heat in a pan, like pizza so a toaster oven works well for them too. There is a crumb tray in the Decakila Toaster Oven, which makes it a lot easier to clean. This toaster oven comes with a baking rack and a baking pan.

The rack and pan can be moved up and down, allowing you to set them at different levels in case you need a specific distance from the heating rods.

The Decakila Toaster Oven is very convenient and the timer makes it a lot easier to make sure your food that is being heated does not burn. The multifunctional aspect of this appliance adds a lot of value to your kitchen.

Price List

Model Price
Decakila Toaster Oven Rs. 21,500
Decakila KEEV001W Toaster Oven Rs. 19,560
Decakila KEEV001W Toaster Oven Rs. 19,560
Decakila KEEV002W 22L / 6 Toaster Oven Rs. 27,240
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