Bingo Deluxe Oven Toaster Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Bingo Deluxe Oven Toaster in Pakistan is Rs. 13,585 and estimated average price is Rs. 14,400.


A Bingo Deluxe oven toaster can add much functionality to your kitchen. This appliance is capable of cooking, baking and reheating. Some models do not have temperature control, these are just for heating your food up and cannot be used to bake. The price of Bingo Deluxe oven toasters is in the mid-range, with the smaller ones being more affordable.


Bingo Deluxe oven toasters are useful and can be used to bake, cook and heat food.

The larger models have options for timing and temperature as well as the choice of having the top or bottom heating elements on. One can also have both on. These models even have a rotisserie option to cook your chicken in.

The Bingo Deluxe oven toaster can be used to bake smaller batches of cookies or brownies. It is great for heating things like pizza as there isn't any other convenient way to heat it from both sides other than an oven. 

The smaller model doesn't have a temperature setting so it is ideal only to heat food in and cannot be used to bake or cook. Although some snacks like cheese toast can be made in it with great ease.

The price of Bingo Deluxe oven toasters is in an affordable range, with the smaller ones being even less expensive.

Generally, oven toasters douse a lot of electricity, similar to an iron or other such devices; that is something to keep in mind.

Price List

Model Price
Bingo Deluxe Oven Toaster OT-26RK Rs. 13,585
Bingo Deluxe Oven Toaster OT-30RKP Rs. 15,215
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