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Compare 29 prices from 6 stores.

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The Latitude series by Dell is the large scale business user range. With specifics that make them more suited for corporations to use, such as extra security features and retention of legacy standards. The Dell Latitude line is slightly more budget-friendly, the prices vary depending on sizes and the internal components that define its power.


Dell Inc.

Established in 1984, Dell is a leader in the laptop market. They have various lines, with the Latitude line being geared for businesses. It is a better choice for large scale deployment as well, as it is comparatively cheaper. 

Dell Latitude

Latitude is a line of laptops by Dell that are developed for large scale corporate deployment. Designed and manufactured mostly by Compal and Quanta. This series competes in the same segment as the ThinkPad line from Lenovo, Travelmate by Acer and the EliteBooks from HP.

There are also a few options of rugged laptops, with extra protection for a more outdoor work environment such as at oilfields. There is one main competitor of this line; the Toughbooks from Panasonic.  

Dell has made Latitude in a manner that they are more standard across the board. This makes it easier to have components swapped, given these laptops are designed for use by businesses it makes it simpler for maintenance and support. Large corporations need efficiency, this allows for an edge in that direction as Latitude laptops retain identical components and vendors over a single model, unlike Inspiron that may change those bits. Sourcing parts in the Inspiron instance can be a tad more complex.

Dell Latitude laptops are also different regarding the features they have in comparison to the other lines by Dell. Due to the focus on a business environment, they often include security features such as a smartcard or a contactless smartcard. Some models include TPM security, which is an international standard for cryptoprocessors. These are dedicated microcontrollers designed to secure hardware through integrated cryptographic keys. Other possible features include a DisplayPort video out as opposed to HDMI, a lid clasp as opposed to a magnetic latch system and support for legacy standards as many people still use them.

Latitude variants

Within the line, there are different sizes of screen and components. This gives people the option to pick something that is within their budget. The screens range from 12.5 to 13.3, on to 14 or 15.6 inches. With a difference in internal components as well, the major one being the Intel processor in use. RAM and storage variations come later.


Dell as a company has a good reputation in the market for being simple and reliable. The Latitude line in specific has done well as large businesses find it easy to have this in use at their operation sites. Given the simplicity, it delivers in function, which is an aid to efficient performance.

Dell Latitude laptops are available at a few different price points which depend on the size, components and year of release.

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The best price of Dell Latitude in Pakistan is Rs. 89,999 and the estimated average price is Rs. 244,043.

Price List

Model Price
Dell Latitude 3540 : 1y Rs. 354,900
Dell Latitude 3540 : 1y Rs. 265,900
Dell Latitude E5400 Ci5 8th 8GB 256GB 14 Rs. 210,000
Dell Latitude E3410 Ci3 10th 4GB 1TB 14 Rs. 126,000
Dell Latitude E3500 Ci5 8th 8GB 1TB 15.6 Rs. 162,750
Dell Latitude E3410 Ci7 10th 8GB 1TB 14 Rs. 214,500
Dell Latitude E5410 Ci5 10th 8GB 256GB 14 Rs. 202,500
Dell Latitude E3510 Ci7 10th 8GB 1TB 15.6 Rs. 214,500
Dell Latitude E7400 Ci5 8th 8GB 512GB 14 Rs. 247,500
Dell Latitude E3510 Ci5 10th 8GB 1TB 15.6 Rs. 162,750