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The best price of Dunhill Moroccan Amber in Pakistan is Rs. 13,900 and estimated average price is Rs. 19,245.


Dunhill is a male-centric brand that produces accessories, this includes colognes. Moroccan Amber is one of the many choices fo colognes for men that one can find at Dunhill. As the name suggests, this scent has a rooting in the amber note alongside other notes for more warmth, with a lot of spice in the top notes and some aromatics in the middle. The price of this cologne is in the mid-range.


Dunhill was originally a saddle making brand, after Alfred Dunhill inherited the business from his father he changed it up to cater to the new form of mobility, motor cars. Creating an extensive range of leather goods and eventually other items too. Over time fragrances for men were added to the brand's collection. Dunhill's Moroccan Amber is also a choice catering to men who like wood and spice.

Dunhill Moroccan Amber

This cologne has a lot of spice, all at the opening notes; this includes black pepper, coriander, cardamom and ginger. At the heart, there is hazelnut, saffron and immortelle. All the heart notes add some warmth to the scent, even immortelle has honey and tobacco-like smell.

To make all this sit well into the warmer range of wood and musk, the base notes are amber, agarwood, leather and coffee tree. The base and heart layers give this Dunhill's Moroccan Amber a lot of fullness with their warmer side, and the top layer of spice helps it cut through.

If woody spiciness is what you are looking for this is the choice for you.


Dunhill Moroccan Amber is something that can be worn during the day or the night, making it versatile. More people tend to consider it a spring and autumn scent, but this of course is a personal choice.

As for pricing, this cologne falls squarely somewhere in the middle of the price range. It would be considered relatively expensive for most people.

Price List

Model Price
Dunhill London Signature Collection Moroccan Ambe… Rs. 16,313
Dunhill Signature Collection Moroccan Amber Eau D… Rs. 16,625
Dunhill London Signature Collection Moroccan Ambe… Rs. 16,313
Dunhill Signature Colleciton Moroccan Amber EDP 1… Rs. 13,900
dunhill Signature Collection Moroccan Amber Edp 1… Rs. 18,975
Signature Collection Moroccan Amber Men EDP 100ml Rs. 28,784
Dunhill London Moroccan Amber Eau De Parfum For M… Rs. 20,873
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