Gatsby Hair Wax Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Gatsby Hair Wax in Pakistan is Rs. 345 and estimated average price is Rs. 400.


A range of hair waxes from the men's grooming brand called Gatsby. The range has various options that take into account the different kinds of hair and also what finish a person is looking for. The price of Gatsby hair waxes is in the affordable ranges.


Gatsby Hair Wax

Gatsby is a men's grooming brand based out of Japan, it was started in 1974 and is named after the main character from F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby'.

Among the various products, Gatsby has a range of hair waxes. These are applied to the hair to stylise it, similar to gel. Though in comparison the fall and feel of hair with wax versus hair with gel is different. Gel would work better for more intense spiky styles. Also, gel is generally considered to damage hair in the long run. Wax may be a bit more greasy but the damage is a lot less over time.

With wax the look of hair is not totally glossy, one can find gradients from matt to glossy. Wax is also not hard set as gel so one has more room for different styles. There is another advantage with wax, it can be used on all kinds of hair lengths.


Gatsby hair waxes are available with different levels of strength and finish, one can decide which works for them based on the quality of their hair, length and the look they are going for.

The price of these products is lower end.

Price List

Model Price
Gatsby Wax Mat & Hard Hair Styling Rs. 455
Gatsby Styling Wax (Emo Style) 75gm Rs. 435
Gatsby Styling Wax (British Wave natural flow) 75… Rs. 435
Gatsby Styling Wax (Spiky Style) 75gm Rs. 435
Gatsby Spiky Stand Up Power & Spikes Hair Wax 75g Rs. 345
Gatsby Hair Wax Ultimate and Shaggy 75g Rs. 375
Gatsby Hair Wax Power & Spikes 75 GM Rs. 375
Gatsby British Layered Hard & Free Styling Wax, 7… Rs. 450
Gatsby Hair Wax - Mat & Hard 75Gm Rs. 375
Gatsby Hair Hard & Free Styling Wax Rs. 455
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