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The best price of Hair Extensions in Pakistan is Rs. 57 and estimated average price is Rs. 913.


Thick long hair is coveted around the world but not everyone is blessed with it naturally. Also, some hairstyles need additional volume or length, that's where hair extensions come in. Some use them for fashion and others for adding tons of volume and having temporary long flowy locks. Now before you start picturing yourself as Rapunzel, read on for the best types of hair extensions, their prices in Pakistan and the pros and cons of each on this page before buying. 


Hair Extension Types

Hair extensions are available in synthetic and human hair. The best type is made out of human hair as one can apply heat and styling products to them. There are five basic types of hair extensions including Clip-ins, Sew-ins, Glue-ins, Tape-ins and Halo. All of them have different application method, longevity and price.

1. The least damaging to the hair roots are the Halo extensions as they come with a transparent ring that has hair only around the bottom half and goes around the wearer's head like a halo. It is very easy to put on yourself and also goes invisible under the hair. Since they are not attached to your hair, the roots remain undamaged.

2. The clip-in extensions are the most budget-friendly out of the lot and also very easy to put on. You can secure the clips on your own hair all around the scalp within a few minutes. Though these are affordable and easy to use, they can be damaging to the hair as a slight tug or pull can cause hair breakage.

3. The tape-in extensions give the thickest and fullest effet and can last anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks before they need to be readjusted and moved up. They are slightly expensive then regular ones and can sometimes be painful if placed too close to the root or too far. 

4. Protein-bonded extensions or glue-ins are the most damaging to the hair as if not pulled out the right way, they can take out your own hair in the process. They use melted plastic keratin bond for attaching to your natural hair. The extensions take around 3 hours to be placed around the scalp and last for 4 to 8 weeks after application.

5. Sew-ins are now considered an old method of applying hair extensions as they take a lot of time and are very expensive. 


There is always some risk involved in wearing hair extensions as they are attached to the hair and can damage the follicles even with the slightest bit of tugging or pulling. One needs to be super careful while brushing or washing hair and needs to use the right products to gently detangle hair. Also, make sure you go to a certified professional for getting extensions as they are the only authorized people who can do it right. Getting your extensions removed on time and getting them placed the right way can prevent possible damage to your hair follicles. Do not extend wearing beyond the extensions longevity period as that is when the damage starts to happen.

Price List

Model Price
wig hair spray strawberry flavour for hair unit o… Rs. 1,499
Best Extension Hair For Girls straight hair 5 Cl… Rs. 599
Hair Extension For Girls Ombre Color Rs. 649
Red Wig Tape For Hairs Double Side Tape Hair Wi… Rs. 800
Hair for girls brown to Ombre Two Colors Mix Stre… Rs. 580
5 Clips Hair Extension - Dark Brown Salon Quality… Rs. 669
10 PCS Hair Fixing clips for WIGS or HAIR Extensi… Rs. 498
Buy 3 Get 1 Free Hair Extension Deal-2 Rs. 1,485
Golden Brown Faux Hair Rs. 445
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