Geepas Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Geepas Air Cooler in Pakistan is Rs. 13,900 and estimated average price is Rs. 20,018.


ACs cost a lot to buy and run; if budget is a concern one can opt for an air cooler from Geepas. These are easier to install as well. One can choose the Geepas air cooler that works for them based on the size, features and budget they have in mind. This is a known brand with good prices.

Pros & Cons


  • Cheap

  • Environment-friendly

  • Easy maintenance


  • Humidity remains

  • Water needs changing


Geepas Air Cooler

Geepas is known in Pakistan for its appliances. Among them, one can find a range of air coolers. There are various size options and some have moving louvre as well so the air is not just being sent in one direction. Geepas air coolers have a good reputation in the market.

Air coolers need a ventilated space, so the windows should be open. There is also a need for the water to be changed regularly or it will get stagnant and eventually unhygienic. An air cooler runs more efficiently when there is lesser humidity as the evaporation process happens more easily then. Some of the models come with sections where ice can be added to further drop the temperature of the air being blown out.

The designs of Geepas air coolers also vary, some are built like a cooling tower while others are a more box shape.


One can choose from the Geepas catalogue based on what size they need and also the budget they have in mind. The prices vary from model to model but are generally in the affordable ranges.

Price List

Model Price
Geepas Air Cooler GAC9450 Rs. 13,900
Geepas AC Cum Air Cooler White & Blue Rs. 17,499
Geepas Air Cooler GAC9441 Rs. 24,860
Geepas Air Cooler GAC9007 Rs. 16,900
Geepas Air Cooler GAC9008 Rs. 16,900
Geepas GAC 9447 Portable Self Evaporator Air Cool… Rs. 20,499
Geepas Air Cooler GAC9004 Rs. 22,750
Geepas Air Cooler GAC9443 Rs. 24,860
Geepas Portable Self Evaporator GAC 9445 Air Coo… Rs. 21,999
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