Japlo Breast Pump Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Japlo Breast Pump in Pakistan is Rs. 8,108 and estimated average price is Rs. 16,207.


The Japlo Breast Pumps come with both options, manual and electronic. A breast pump is a great way to extract and store milk for babies to have later. Ideal for working mothers or even when travelling.


Japlo Breast Pumps are ideal if you would like to extract milk and store it for feeding a baby later. There are both electronic and manual options so one can choose the kind they want and is within their budget.

The electronic options are more convenient, working silently so mothers can use them in many different places discreetly. With a closed system so the milk does not get any exposure to outside air. The cups are made from soft, natural silicone so they are comfortable.

Japlo Breast Pumps are easy to assemble and clean making them user-friendly. The sizes are also compact so one can carry them with ease.

For some women who overproduce, the Japlo Breast Pumps are very helpful as it helps them get rid of excess milk which can cause a lot of discomfort and even pain. Mothers who donate milk also use breast pumps kike these to provide milk for babies who may not have their mothers around anymore.

Price List

Model Price
Japlo Electric Breast Pump Rs. 18,950
Japlo Electric Breast Pump Rs. 21,563
Japlo Manual Breast Pump Rs. 8,108
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