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The best price of Knee Pads in Pakistan is Rs. 129 and estimated average price is Rs. 664.


A protective gear worn to protect against accidents and impact injury, Knee Pads are an essential sports items for most. The extra cushioning helps the wearer sit in a kneeling position on hard surfaces for long or play without the fear of falling on their knees and bruising them badly. Knee protecting pads also help prevent extra pressure on the knees while playing, running or jogging. This helps enhance efficiency and reduce mental stress in individuals.


Different Types & Purposes

They come in a variety of designs and types serving different purposes with the main being protection against impact. Military or tactical knee pads are thick, dense and made out of bulletproof material. They protect the soldiers against over-stretching knee ligaments during exercise or prevent bruises while crawling or squatting during warfare. Similarly, there are work knee pads, dance knee pads, sports knee pads, kids knee pads etc. 

1. Knee Pads for Pain & Posture Correction

People suffering from arthritis or gout usually have inflamed and painful joints. They are advised to wear specially curated compression pads on their knees that support their knee caps and help correct their posture. This reduces pain and the compression reduces inflammation while draining fluid accumulation from the joints. Some patients may be asked to wear knee compressors or pads as a post-operative protective measure. 

2. Knee Pads for Gym & Sports

Those who like to workout in the gym often wear knee pads to prevent injury to that area. The jerks or fast movements can be irritating to the joints, especially for those who already have weakened muscles and sore joints. Knee pads can help them workout optimally by giving support to their knees and preventing strain and damage to the muscles and ligaments in that area. Most sports such as cricket, basketball, volleyball, tennis, baseball, rugby etc. require running and multiple sport accidents happen every day. Extreme sports such as skiing, rollerblading, skating or snowboarding also require cushioning for the knees and surrounding areas. These protective knee garments prevent shock and impact to the knees during such activities and help the wearer perform better, increasing their efficiency as well as physical and mental agility. Some dancers and professional performers also like to wear knee pads to prevent injury during sharp movements.

3. Knee Pads for Kids & Babies

Toddlers like to run around and play and while doing so they tend to fall a lot, often hurting their knees badly. While playing games like tag, hide and seek, racing etc that involve a lot of running around, multiple falling accidents happen. Kids are then unable to play games until their knees have healed. Wearing knee protecting pads can help them run and play fearlessly without the worry of falling down and hurting their knees. Even if they fall, their knees will be protected and they will be able to continue playing without any issues. This enhances a child's concentration level, gaming performance and reduces his stress levels. Some parents like to put knee pads on their babies as soon as they start crawling on slippery floors. While this is done to prevent accidents of course, it is not advisable as it may hinder the development of the baby's bones. It may also be somewhat uncomfortable for the baby to wear knee pads while crawling. 

4. Knee Pads For Prayers

Knee protective pads are also used while praying or offering Namaz by those who have weak or damaged knees. The kneeling and prostrating requires one to put all their weight on their knees. This can be uncomfortable and painful for some people due to their old age, certain medical conditions or damaged knees etc. Wearing knee protective garments while praying can enhance their concentration level and prevent further damage to the knee area. It can also help those who pray on hard surfaces and don't want their knees to hurt.  

Tips & Comments

Knee pads are curated out of multiple breathable materials, most common being neoprene foam, polyurethane foam, nylon foam, polyvinyl chloride foam, ethyl vinyl acetate foam, extruded polystyrene foam, gel, rubber, plastic, carbon fibre and other materials. Some knee protecting pads even come with a leg sleeve, covering the mid-thigh all the way down to the mid-shin. Some come with velcro or click closures on the side.

Knee garments or pads should fit you perfectly and not fall off or move while you move. They should stay firmly in place so make sure to buy the right ones. Knee protecting pads are mostly reasonably priced and the durable ones will last a lifetime if you do not use them too roughly. It is best to keep changing them if you use them on a daily basis as over usage may decrease their cushioning ability.

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Baby Knee pads -Knee pad for baby -Baby crawling … Rs. 129
Finger Wrist Support Soccer Basketball Sports Ank… Rs. 511
MCD Yoga Knee Pad Pair, Exercise Knee Pad Pair, G… Rs. 1,749
Liberty Mall Baby Knee Pads- Knee Protector For C… Rs. 599
Baby Knee pads -Knee pad for baby -Baby crawling … Rs. 129
Pack Of 3 Baby Silicone Squeeze Spoon Feeder With… Rs. 599
Baby Knee Pads -knee Pad For Baby -baby Crawling … Rs. 129
Farlin Baby Knee Pad – Color May Vary Rs. 1,175
MCD Yoga Knee Pad Pair, Exercise Knee Pad Pair, G… Rs. 1,749
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