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The best price of Mosquito Killer Lamp in Pakistan is Rs. 290 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,671.


Bug zappers such as mosquito killer lamps can be installed easily in homes and offices and are a convenient way of dealing with blood-feeding skeeters. Vector-borne diseases are common in developing countries like Pakistan. Dengue fever, Malaria, Lyme, West Nile Virus etc are all examples of some deadly vector-borne diseases caused by blood-feeding anthropods like mosquitoes. With these dangerous diseases on the rise, preventing mosquitoes and other insects from entering your space is a must. Check out mosquito killer lamp prices in Pakistan and read on for more.

Pros & Cons


  • Kills insects, preventing reproduction

  • Large area coverage up to 1 1/2 acres

  • UV light attracts mosquitoes into the lamp

  • Some lamps also use carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes


  • Costs more than bug lights

  • Replacing zapper light bulbs is expensive

  • Creates a mist after zapping the mosquitoes

  • Replacement light bulbs for zappers more expensive than bug lights


When mosquito nets and repellant lotions fail to keep mosquitoes away, invest in a good quality mosquito killer lamp and zap these blood-sucking insects away. The lamps come in all shapes and designs and can be wall-mounted, set on a table or hung from the ceiling. You can use them indoors as well in outdoor settings like patios, yards, rooftop etc as they are capable of covering a large area. They are a perfect solution for preventing mosquito infiltration at homes, offices, restaurants, hospitals, schools etc. These lamps use electricity and some of them are rechargeable devices that run on batteries. Beehoney, Winnery and Sengjing are some of the brand selling great quality mosquito killing lamps at varied prices in Pakistan. 

How do Mosquito Killer Lamps Work

They use ultraviolet light emitted by a fluorescent bulb. It attracts mosquitoes and lures them into the cage. The moment the mosquitoes come in contact with the high voltage electrical wire mesh grid, they are electrocuted by DC high voltage and vaporized. Some lamps also emit octenol or carbon dioxide as mosquitoes are known to be attracted to it. Other lamps are quieter than the traditional ones with an electric rod as they contain a fan that sucks in the mosquitoes to kill them rather than noisily zapping them into a smelly mist.  

Make an Effective Mosquito Attractant

Mosquitoes love the taste of lactic acid and the smell of carbon dioxide. To make the perfect trap and to enhance the effectiveness of the lamps, pour some lactic acid in the form of yoghurt in a plastic container. Mix in sugar (carbon dioxide), apple peel and apple cider vinegar. Put this mixture in the bottom of the lamp container to allure more mosquitoes into the cage. This will instantly make mosquitoes flock inside the lamp cage, get zapped and reduced to a mist. 

Mosquito Control Measures

Always wear light coloured clothing during summers as mosquitoes are attracted to darker colours. Wear mosquito repellant lotions and install pretreated mosquito nets around your beds and throughout the house in places like windows, wall vents, balcony doors, kids' play area etc. Use mosquito repellant sprays and install a mosquito killer lamp to effectively get rid of these diseases causing insects. Destroy any aquatic vegetation around the house and add larvicides to still water such as backyard ponds or puddles etc.

We have enlisted some of the best mosquito killer lamps available online at various prices in Pakistan. You can buy mosquito lamps on sale prices and discounts from our page as we house aa wide variety from a multitude of trusted online sellers. 

Price List

Model Price
Muzamil Store 15W 24 LED Anti Mosquito Killer Lamp Rs. 599
Mosquito Lamp |Mosquito Killer Lamp |Mosquito Kil… Rs. 2,599
Mosquito Killer Lamp Rs. 2,900
Mosquito Killer Lamp Rs. 1,700
Waseem Electronics Led Bulb With Mosquito Killer … Rs. 699
Pack Of 2-Mosquito Killer Night Lamp Rs. 460
Electric Mosquito Insect Killing Lamp Rs. 1,250
G-Mart Mosquito Killer LED Lamp 15W (0008) Rs. 549
Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp Rs. 2,096
Solar Powered Insect & Mosquito Killer Lamp Rs. 2,499
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