Nurpur Butter Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Nurpur Butter in Pakistan is Rs. 125 and estimated average price is Rs. 285.


The milk used in Nurpur Butter is sourced from the best hygienic farmers with no bacterial breach or contamination.


Best Quality Butter 

The process is optimised and sterilised at every step including milking and transportation. Nurpur milk collection performs 23 tests even before adding it to the main supply. The operates and handlers of the milk are all given medical clearance and supervise the insulated SS tankers kept at 4°C to preserve the milk.

Seal Of Approval

Their quality certifications include Pakistan Halal Std. Certification (PS-3733:2016), ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and FSSC-22000 Food Safety Std. certification. The Punjab Food Authority and PSQCA have approved their products for human consumption.
All products have been examined and approved by reputable laboratories outside of Nurpur such as SGS Pakistan, Intertek Pakistan and Qarshi Labs Pakistan that ensure that it has the highest standard possible both locally and internationally. 


Pasteurized Milk Cream, Natural Salt (E-534), Permitted Food Colour (E-161B).

Texture & Taste 

The smooth and flavourful Nurpur Butter is used directly on toast, cooking and baking in households and restaurants. The texture as a subtle salty aftertaste that adds more aroma and taste to the final product. It is available in a variety of packaging to accommodate customers.

Baking Made Easy 

Baking required precise measurement of butter and using the smallest bar of 10g can help ensure you make no mistake making your favourite cake or cookie. The larger serving has 50g, 100g and 200g to share with the family. Butter is a great breakfast companion has it has a great source of fat and protein that the body needs to function. 


Nurpur can be added to a child's regular diet to ensure they have the energy to focus at school, play sports and stay active throughout the day. Butter can also be used to fry eggs and even as a replacement for cooking oil when preparing meals for the family. The traditional Parathas made from frying flour can be complemented by using butter instead of oil to bring out the rich flavour of the wheat. 

Product Range of Nurpur 

Nurpur food products include milk and cheese along with their classic butter. They not only makes original milk in a variety of sizes but also ensures that customers can microwave the packaging making it easy to heat at any time. There is also flavoured milk in flavours Badaam and Zafran available in a single serving pack of 200ml ideal for little children. There are two kinds of cheese bars in Mozzarella and Cheddar that can be used to in preparation of pasta, sandwiches and burgers. 

Price List

Model Price
Nurpur Butter Rs. 150
Nurpur Butter 200gm Rs. 340
Nurpur Butter, Unsalted, 200g Rs. 380
Nurpur Butter 100g Rs. 215
Nurpur Butter 200g Rs. 445
NURPUR Butter salted 100g Rs. 250
Nurpur Butter 200g Rs. 380
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