Philips Coffee Maker Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Philips Coffee Maker in Pakistan is Rs. 20,200 and estimated average price is Rs. 42,528.


Coffee makers are produced by a host of brands, including Philips. With different kinds of options that one can choose from, the Philips coffee maker will allow you to prepare your coffee how you like it. The prices range from affordable to expensive based on the type of machine.


If you would like to make your coffee cup in a more convenient way, a coffee maker would be ideal. Philips has options, some that are simpler machines that allow you to make a plain cup of coffee and more complex machines that also let you prepare expressos or cappuccinos.

The simpler machine brews black coffee via a drip mechanism after you place the beans in the filter. One can choose how many cups they want, this could be up to 10. Once the coffee is prepared it will sit in the glass kettle on a hot plate and stay warm for you to have whenever you want.

With the more complex machine, one can make a more diverse range of coffee. This could be expressos, cappuccinos and more. These also have touch screens for you to operate them. This makes it simple to use.

This second kind of coffee maker from Philips also allows you to pick the kind of grain you want your coffee beans to be crushed to. Some people like them finer and others like the taste from a chunkier crush.

Philips coffee makers are easy to clean with the parts that are not fixed being safe for the dishwasher as well.

Having your own coffee maker means you can choose exactly the kind of beans you like.

The prices vary, with the simpler machines costing affordable prices and the higher end machine being expensive.

Price List

Model Price
Philips Coffee Maker HD7432 Rs. 20,200
Philips Daily Collection Coffee Maker (HD7462/20) Rs. 27,999
Philips Daily Collection Coffee Maker (HD7462/20) Rs. 27,999
Philips coffee maker hd7462/20 Rs. 20,999
Philips Fully Automatic Espresso Machines EP2220 Rs. 145,000
Philips Daily Collection Coffee Maker (HD7462/20) Rs. 27,999
Philips Aroma Twister Coffee Maker, HD-7462/20 Rs. 29,000
Philips Coffer Maker - HD7462 Rs. 26,500
Philips Coffee Maker HD7432 Rs. 20,200
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