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The best price of Power Bank in Pakistan is Rs. 49 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,179.


Power banks are about as common as portable devices today. They let us have a lot more charge on s in a compact size. There are many brands that produce all kinds of different power banks that have variation power ratings and more.


Power Banks are extremely useful for the modern lifestyle that has a ton of portable devices in use every day. Things such as smartphones, tablets, wireless earbuds, and more can benefit from having power banks around.

These power banks are made by many brands and let us extend our usage time by a lot. This is especially useful for people who have more work or are traveling. Some even have a small light that can be used in case the power is out, a useful feature for people who go camping or are outdoors more.

Among the many brands, Anker, Aukey, iMuto, and Mophie are considered to be some of the most reliable options. The power capacities available from any one brand can range from less than 8000mA h to 30,000mAh or more. The designs are generally simple, with some that have slimmer options and others having cylindrical ones. Many brands have both styles as well.

Almost all power banks have lights or a small display to let you know how much charge is left. This way you can easily keep an eye on how much power you have with you and don't get blindsided by your devices dying.

The various options also include solar-powered power banks, although these take a lot of time in the sun to recharge and the intensity of the sun plays a big part in this time.

Catering to wireless devices, many power banks are also Qi Certified so devices that also have that certification can be charged without wires. This is great as many smartphones and other devices such as smartwatches or earbuds have wireless charging, adding a layer of convenience to your digital lifestyle.

Other brands for power banks include Romoss, Faster, Realme, Mi, Belkin, RAVPower, Dany, Ronin, Samsung, Powerrad, and many more. Which brand you choose is a matter of what you are looking for, design-wise and as well as power capacity or any other features you would like.

Price List

Model Price
Ozimi Power Bank Fast Charging cable Rs. 49
High Chimmy Power Bank Hand Warmer With Charging … Rs. 1,999
Ozimi Power Bank Fast Charging cable Rs. 49
WiFi Router Power Bank 9 Volts - 4 Hours Guarante… Rs. 1,400
Mi Power Bank 3 Usb-C 10000Mah Rs. 2,999
Samsung 25W PD Adapter (USB-C) (Without Cable) – … Rs. 3,990
Xiaomi 18W Fast Charge Power bank 3 - Bl... Rs. 4,490
Mi 20000 mah power bank price in pakistan Rs. 6,000
Joyroom Lightning To HDMI Converter Adapter White… Rs. 3,864
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