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The best price of Power Supply in Pakistan is Rs. 1 and estimated average price is Rs. 26,645.


It is essential that the power supply is bought from a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer. Users must note the ability of the power output, rails, and efficiency rate of the PSU. Better to skip any cheap power supplies as they are probably made with substandard components and materials. The PSUs that offer a solid warranty and support are recommended. Users must note if the power supply has compatible connectors for their devices.

Pros & Cons


  • Will act as a transformer

  • Voltage Regulator

  • Cooling System


  • Bulky

  • Gather dust

  • Noisey

  • Can fuse easily



The power supply unit is an important part of the desktop that connects the machine to the mains power supply in order to supply the correct electral voltage to the desktop. It creates a stable power supply and safeguards the processor. Popular brands that offer PSUs are CoolMax, CORSAIR, and Ultra.

There are also external PSUs available that power various electronic devices such as gaming consoles. External Power supply devices are large transformer boxes that save devices from electrical surges. Pakistan has a fluctuating power supply due to the frequent load shedding and unreliable electrical infrastructure. The erratic electrical supply can damage sensitive equipment leading to expensive repair bills. 


Power supply units are essential for any office and gaming desktop. Keeping in mind the unreliable electrical voltages of Pakistan electrical supply, users will benefit from procuring a strong and reliable power supply unit to keep their devices running smoothly and safely. A power supply unit will have an electronic circuit that converts AC voltage to DC voltage for devices. The transformer, rectifier, filter and regulator circuits convert the main power supply to an efficient voltage, current, and frequency keeping devices safe from any electrical damage.


Computer processing units require a low DC voltage to deliver optimum performance. The DC voltage will power all components of the computer including the motherboard, adapters and GPUs. It is able to connect to several parts of the computer through its multiple cables and connectors.

Cooling System

They have a cooling mechanism that can improve the PCs performance by regulating overheating through a powerful airflow fan. The power supply cooling will circulate air in the computer, boosting the performance of preinstalled air vents of the computer.


The most compatible power supply type for computers is the ATX that pulls in air through its fan to distribute it directly into the PC. The ATX power supply uses a reverse-flow cooling system that increases the life of the processor. The accumulation of dust and dirt is avoided through reverse flow air circulation while maintaining a normal temperature saving the processor from heat damage.

Price List

Model Price
Super Asia Electric And Gas Geyser GEH720AI Auto … Rs. 37,400
Redragon RGPS PSU 800W PC Power Supply 80PLUS Bro… Rs. 15,899
Corsair CX Series™ CX750M — 750 Watt 80 PLUS® Bro… Rs. 17,499
INVT - VFD - CHF100A-7R5G/011P-4 - 3 AC - 7.5/11 … Rs. 53,000
Uni-T UTP3305TFL DC Power Supply Rs. 42,950
Hyundai Circular Saw 1200W (HP1300-CS-7″) Rs. 12,000
Onixs SA-2 Servo Motor Control Stabilizer 2KVA Rs. 19,500
Osaka MF 70L Maintenance Free Battery 48 Ah Rs. 19,209
Uni-T UTP1310 DC Power Supply Rs. 26,900
Asus Rog Strix 750G Power Supply Rs. 28,999
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