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The best price of Rasasi Al Wisam Evening in Pakistan is Rs. 5,880 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,526.


Rasasi has a wide variety of colognes, with Rasasi Al Wisam Evening a scent that is specifically designed for the later hours. This is an amber and woody fragrance that also has green, aromatic and musk tones. There are also a host of other hints to add little details to the overall smell. A long-lasting fragrance that is available within an affordable range.


Rasasi was created in 1979 and is based in Dubai. The brand is still family-run and has spread over to many countries. The catalogue is diverse with a lot of perfumes and colognes. Rasasi Al Wisam Evening is a cologne that is designed to be deeper in tones, so it is more suited to the later hours of the day.

Rasasi Al Wisam Evening

For the top notes, Rasasi Al Wisam Evening has lavender and lemon. The lavender gives an aromatic tone along with a camphor-like scent as well, that adds a slight spiciness. This along with lemon makes for a nice, crisp start.

At the middle, one finds galbanum, black currant leaf and rose. This middle is strong with its green notes and a deep, saccharine aroma from rose. To balance all this out the base is simple but effective, the base notes include sandalwood and musk. Musk is much needed to balance out the aromatic tones, while sandalwood provides a strong wooden note along with a sweet spice.

This combination makes for a darker scent that would suit the colder months or the nighttime. Some people will wear it whenever and this is absolutely okay as the timing is a personal choice.

The longevity of this cologne is high, as is the sillage. Making for a great deal of scent protecting you.


The price of Rasasi Al Wisam Evening is quite affordable given it is a strong scent that lasts.

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Model Price
Rasasi Al Wisam Evening For Men - 100ml Rs. 5,880
Rasasi Al Wisam Evening Eau De Parfum For Men 100… Rs. 7,819
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