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The best price of Rasasi Al Wisam Day in Pakistan is Rs. 6,600 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,006.


Rasasi Al Wisam Day is the light-hours version of this cologne. With lighter notes to signify the daytime, it is a Fougere with amber, aromatics, fresh spice and citrus hints. One also finds a well-placed woody note in this version of Al Wisam. This cologne is long-lasting and is available at affordable prices.


Rasasi is based in Dubai and was established in 1979, over time it has gained a reputation in many other countries. With a lot of options, one can choose from, many championing the deeper Oriental tones from the old world.

Rasasi Al Wisam Day

As the name suggests a cologne for the daytime, Rasasi Al Wisam Day has notes to complement its namesake. The top notes are made from bergamot, geranium and lavender. This lavender is where some of the camphor-like fresh spice comes from.

At the heart, we find rose, sandalwood, clary sage and cedar. This is the layer where some wood notes are also added. For the base notes, there is musk, amber, oud and oakmoss. The oakmoss shines here with its earthy, dry, green-woody note. 

Rasasi Al Wisam Day makes for a great summer, autumn and spring scent, with its freshness, spice and aromatics. The longevity is high and the sillage is also towards the higher side, giving one ample protection over the course of their day.


The price of Rasasi Al Wisam Day is in an affordable range, which makes this a high-value cologne with its longevity.

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Model Price
Rasasi Al Wisam Day For Men - 100ml Rs. 6,600
Rasasi Al Wisam Day Eau De Parfum For Men 100ml Rs. 7,819
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