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The same technology is built into smartphone batteries is also part of the Samsung power bank. To provide uninterrupted battery life for any third-party device, power banks have become an essential piece of hardware for users. They are easy to carry and provide multiple charges for smartphones. Users can charge their devices that have a USB size of BC1.2, AFC and QC2.0.

Pros & Cons


  • Large storage of power to be used on the go

  • Faster charging system than the regular main supply

  • The smartphone will not turn off due to lack of battery


  • Can be hard to carry as it will take up space in your bag

  • Remember to charge your battery pack or else it is useless to carry and will not charge any device.


Introduction to Samsung

Samsung is known in Pakistan as the leading developer in smartphones, home appliances and other electronics. It builds hardware with top quality materials and offers a variety of designs for its users. The Samsung smartphones are popular and high in demand in Pakistan as they offer long battery life and fast charging.


The power bank is a rectangle-shaped device with an ergonomic design making it easy to hold along with your smartphone. They are available in a variety of colours from, white, black, silver and gold. The dimensions and weight are different for each Samsung power bank. They can be as heavy as 265GM to as light as 173GM. Samsung power banks have 4 white LED power capacity indicators and a power button. They come with a leather outer covering to protect the body from any ware and tear or accidental falls or an aluminium cover to withstand long term usage. 

Types of Samsung Power Banks

Samsung makes two types of battery pack models; Type-C and Micro-USB. Both are available online in various battery capacities. The different models for Samsung power banks built with differently sized batteries. The fast charging performance varies according to the battery capacity of the power bank. Power banks will have either C Adaptor charging or USB charging to keep them powered up. 

Connectivity Features

A power bank usually comes with 1 or 2 USB ports and has a power output of 5V. A micro USB port is essential for Quick Charge compatibility for smartphones. Paired with a micro USB charger smartphones will recharge twice as fast.

Power banks have a high power range to smartphones devices to full power a phone a few times. Users are recommended to check the type of connection port on their device before purchasing to ensure they buy a compatible power bank.

Battery Life

Samsung power bank has the charge capacity of 10,000MAH, it will be charge most digital cameras, media players, mobile phones, tablet models. The models available in Pakistan are the EB-PN915B with 11300MAH, SA-91 with 2600MAH, EB-PA500 with 5200MAH, EB-PG900BWEG with 6000MAH and EEB-EI1CWEGINU with 9000MAH. Depending on your daily needs there are a variety of battery sizes to choose from online. 

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