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Compare 11 prices from 4 stores. The best price of School Shoes in Pakistan is Rs. 1,999 and the estimated average price is Rs. 4,313.64.


The standard black round-toed school shoe, worn by millions of kids. Most schools have the standard design in place and it is available from multiple brands with little to no difference in design. The price of school shoes varies, there are a lot of affordable brands in Pakistan. Of course, one could find school shoes from more expensive brands as well.


School Shoes

In Pakistan most schools have black shoes as part of their uniform, they are often referred to as school shoes. The age groups may change and the styles with those age groups but the shoes are still black. The girls' shoes are slip-ons with a strap that has a buckle to be tied down, while boys shoes are with laces. For younger kids, there are all slip-on shoes.

Mostly school shoes have a round toe front unless one picks another design in black. Some schools only allow a certain type of design to maintain uniformity. Some schools allow students to wear any kind of shoe for school as long as it is black.

A large part of the difference between brands is the level of comfort and material.


There are many brands in Pakistan selling school shoes, especially since this is a huge segment of the shoe market. Mostly due to the fact that kids grow out of shoes fast and need replacements often. The known brands include Servis, Bata and Hush Puppies.

The price of school shoes from these brands is in an affordable range. One could find more expensive options from other brands.

Polishing ones own school shoes is a great way to inculcate the habit of looking after one's belongings, starting kids out early on such things is helpful. A lot of schools also check whether the students' shoes are clean and shiny.

Price List

Model Price
Stitched Detail Girls' School Shoes Rs. 1,999
Girls Basic School Shoes Rs. 1,999
Boys School Shoes Rs. 1,999
Girls Laser Cut School Shoes Rs. 1,999
Boys Dual Strap School Shoes Rs. 1,999
Boys Classic School Shoes Rs. 2,399
Boys Lace-up School Shoes Rs. 2,499
Men's Lace-up School Shoes Rs. 2,999
Imported JABASIC New School Uniform Sneaker Blackā€¦ Rs. 6,238
Black School Leather Triple Strap Shoes Rs. 8,330
Hassan Gilani
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Compare 11 prices from 4 stores.

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