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The best price of Sewing Machine Table in Pakistan is Rs. 4,200 and estimated average price is Rs. 8,000.


Sewing machines have been an essential household item in Pakistan for decades. They have been passed on from generations to generations and at one time were one of the essential wedding gift items from the bride's parents. They are sometimes accompanied with sturdy tables for ease of use, stability and precision. If you are looking for these tables, check out sewing machine table prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


Materials & Designs

These tables come in all shapes and sizes and can be made out of wood, plastic, steel, metal or wrought iron etc. Some brands manufacture sewing machine tables with high-quality lamination featuring melamine edging. There are some wooden designs that come with metal accents and embossed work. The best sewing tables are the ones that come with storage drawers and units. They help you organize better and keep all your sewing stuff at one dedicated place. You can also buy a sewing machine set that includes a machine with 5-drawer table and iron stand. 

Dedicated Workspace

Investing in a sewing table helps one set up a dedicated corner in the house for sewing projects. It helps increase focus and also provides a comfortable environment for the user. You can store all your sewing essentials like trims, scissors, sewing patterns, fabrics, threads, needles, fabric chalk, machine oil etc at one place inside the drawers of the tables. 

Adjustable Height

The modern designs of sewing machine tables feature adjustable heights to facilitate users. The standard height of a sewing table is built for a person with 5 feet 3-inch height. Newer versions can be adjusted to one's own height for more comfort and precision. there are also variants that can be folded to save space. Though they may seem convenient, they are usually quite flimsy and may wobble and topple under the vibrations caused by the sewing machine. 

Whatever material or design you choose, make sure the sewing machine table's surface is heat-resistant, liquid-resistant and scratch-resistant. This is to ensure the longevity and durability of your table as any lower quality material would scratch easily and make your table look worn out way too soon. Also, having a large-sized heavy sewing machine with a table does not have to hinder the user in transporting the setup from one room to another. Make sure you look for a table with lockable caster feet that help you easily transport the machine from one place to another without having to dismantle all the setup.

Price List

Model Price
Creative Sewing Machine Table With Storage-twst94 Rs. 9,900
Creative Sewing Machine Table With Storage-twst94 Rs. 9,900
Decorative Sewing Machine – Home Decor Rs. 4,200
Creative Sewing Machine Table With Storage-twst94 Rs. 9,900
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