Singer Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Singer Refrigerator in Pakistan is Rs. 7,805 and estimated average price is Rs. 57,368.


The affordable and economical Singer refrigerator has all the essential features needed to keep your food fresh and are spacious enough to store food for a large family. Singer is now part of the same company manufacturers as Waves electronics.



Singer refrigerators price in Pakistan depends on the series, size and model number as price differs for each design. Both the Gloss and Glare series has stylish Red, Purple and Black colours available that will blend into the kitchen decore perfectly adding a bright splash of colour. The interior shelves are made of tempered glass making the refrigerator look spacious. The glass shelves also make it easy to locate food stored at the back that is hard to see.

Glow & Glare Series

The shelves use spillproof tempered glass that is easy to clean and durable being able to hold heavy pots and containers. The Silver bacteria guard ensures that any unpleasant smells and bacteria are eliminated and prevented from entering the refrigerator. The large fruit and vegetable container can keep produce fresh and crisp, preserving it for longer than leaving them outside in the summer heat. There is a Crispo Fresher Tray that can store essential perishable items such as butter, herbs, chocolates, eggs and milk that need extra cooling.

The mega metal cooling system is an essential feature of the Singer refrigerator as it can maintain low temperatures regardless of how hot it gets. The system also ensures that food does not go bad even during load shedding which is a frequent issue in Pakistan.  

The antifungal gasket ensures that unwanted bugs and lizards do not enter the refrigerator. The temperature control and defrosting mode are all manual in these models. There is an Interior Light that uses a reliable and long-lasting LED Bulb to help locate food in the dark. 

Refrigerator Sizes

Singer refrigerator is available in various CUFT that is the Cubic Feet measurements of each size. The refrigerators are measured by taking the width, depth and height of the inside space multiplying the numbers together (W x D x H) dividing the total by 1728. The smallest size is 9 CUFT and it goes up to 15 CUFT that is the largest size available.

The size guide suggests that you need 4 to 6 CUFT per adult person in the home by which a family of 5 to 8 persons should buy the largest Singer refrigerator available to accommodate food storage. Pakistani households like to cook dishes in advance for the week which can overburden a refrigerator very quickly and reduce performance. It is recommended to have a bigger size if you want to store prepared meals in advance for the entire week.

Price List

Model Price
Dawlance 9160LF Chrome Pro Hairline Silver Refrig… Rs. 64,200
Dawlance 9169-LF Chrome Pro Silver Refrigerator Rs. 65,999
Dawlance | 9169WB Chrome Pro Silver | Refrigerator Rs. 9,785
Dawlance | 9149WB Chrome Pro Silver | Refrigerator Rs. 8,780
Dawlance 9193LF Chrome Pro Hairline Silver Refrig… Rs. 91,999
Dawlance 9173 Chrome Pro Silver Refrigerator Rs. 70,999
Hairline Silver Refrigerator Rs. 68,900
Dawlance | 9160LF Chrome Pro Silver | Refrigerator Rs. 9,325
Dawlance 9173WB Chrome Pro Hairline Silver Refrig… Rs. 78,999
Dawlance 9191WB Chrome Pro Hairline Silver Refrig… Rs. 87,999
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