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The best price of Travel Pillow in Pakistan is Rs. 322 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,651.


It is always a good idea to take care of your neck and back during prolonged sitting at work or while travelling. Extra cushioning or ortho supports can do wonders to your spinal health so we have excellent travel pillows for you on this page. Taking one along to international trips is not even a big deal and can help you get through those tiresome long hours with ease.


Design & Material

Most people doze off during long flights or the never-ending car trips. Comfortable neck support like the travel pillows can help one sleep peacefully without hurting their necks. They can also be used by people who have cervical pains and can't withstand the jerks and bumps that come with long-distance travelling on a bumpy road. The pillow usually comes in a U-shaped design and is stuffed to make it soft and cushiony. The covers are generally made out of soft and comfortable fabrics like velvet, suede, leather etc and are filled with woollen, polyester or ball fibre stuffings.

3 in 1 Travel Kit

Some of the see travel pillows can be bought with an eye mask and earbuds for an even more comfortable and peaceful sleep during travelling. The pillow gives a comfortable neck and chin support,  the earbuds muff the outside noises while the sleep eye mask makes sure you get a peaceful shut-eye. They also help individuals adjust to different time zones and prevent the effects of jet lag. Check out the 3 in 1 kit designs offered by some of our trusted sellers on our website.

Inflatable Variety

The inflatable pillows can be blown up to the size of a stuffed pillow within seconds. They are even more convenient as you can deflate them and put them in your luggage without them taking up space. On the contrary, the stuffed pillow takes a bit of space and carrying it might be a hassle for some.

Adjustable Thickness

There is also a variety of pillows that comes with adjustable thickness for your comfort. They can be one pillow with multiple layers that can be increased or decreased to add or remove more cushioning. This is very much convenient for people who are fidgety and need a special level of comfort while sleeping during travelling.

Chin Support & Wraparound Support

Some designs miss out chin support so always make sure to find a design that comes with ample support for the chin. This will prevent your head from bobbing while you are asleep during a long car trip. This is also a modernistic design that wraps the traveller's neck into engulfing wraparound support for extra comfort.

Easy to Clean

Most of these neck support pillows can be machine washed safely but always follow the manufacturer's guidelines on proper maintenance and care of the pillow.

Keep visiting this page for discount deals and sale offerings on travel pillows. If you would also like to buy an eye mask for travelling as well as a pregnancy pillow, check our website for good designs and durable options. Buy high-quality products from a list of our trusted online sellers. We have a huge collection of products from a wide variety of local as well as international brands on our website. 

Price List

Model Price
Head Rest Neck Pillow U-Shaped Soft Neck Rest Pil… Rs. 1,799
Inflatable Travel Pillow Rs. 349
Home & Car Neck Massage Pillow Rs. 2,999
Neck Vibrating Massager, U-Shaped Pillow Office C… Rs. 1,999
Travel Blue Ultimate Pillow Rs. 1,999
Air Inflatable Travel Pillow Rs. 322
American Tourister MEMORY FOAM PILLOW NAVY Rs. 5,999
Inflatable Travel Pillow Rs. 349
Relaxsit Travel Pillow with Eye Mask Most Comfort… Rs. 990
Head Rest Neck Pillow U-Shaped Soft Neck Rest Pil… Rs. 1,799
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