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The best price of Travel Bag in Pakistan is Rs. 450 and estimated average price is Rs. 14,394.


A travel bag is designed to be hardy, as that keeps it safe during all the loading and offloading at airports. They are designed in various sizes and shapes. One can choose something that fits their style or needs. Travel bags are available at many different prices given the variety in sizes, materials and brands.


Travel bag

A broad term that can include any form of luggage that is used for travelling. The travel bag, or luggage bag shapes are many, but the most common ones are perhaps the suitcase and the duffle bag. Many brands produce a variety of bags that one can use for travelling.

Construction and designs

A travel bag can be made from different fabrics, aluminium and iterations of plastic such as graphite. Another material used by more expensive brands is carbon fibre. The softer materials help one in case they need to over-stuff their bag, but a hard case will win out in durability over time.

The designs vary from brand to brand, each has its own accentuation to make their luggage line stand out more. Some use printed designs while others emboss into the hard cases. The inside design is similar mostly, with a variation in compartments and pockets. At times there are velcro inserts that allow you to change up the spacing to your requirements. Hard cases usually have a combination-lock built into them, at times with key-locked latches too. The fabric ones have a zip which one can lock. A lot of times the locks that come with travel bags are of low quality, so it is better to purchase that separately.

Wheels are common on travel bags as that makes it a lot easier to move them around while one is at the airport, but not all bags have them.

Airport staff is quite prone to tossing ones luggage bag when loading and unloading, so a sturdy bag is a must. Even fabric bags have better qualities that will last longer.


There are also travel bags made for specific purposes, such as a travel bag for camera equipment. These are made with extra padding for safety.

Travel or luggage bags can be bought at many different prices. This depends on their size and material, as well as the brand. One of the most reliable brands is Samsonite, due to which their products are available for a premium price.

Price List

Model Price
NYX Cosmetics Black Croc Travel Bag Rs. 4,890
Three Pocket Hanging Toiletry Travel Bag Rs. 499
Foldable Travel bag space saver Rs. 2,052
KASHIF LUGGAGE . Pack of - 4 (20" 24" 28" 32') St… Rs. 16,300
Companion 4W 67" Whiz Trolley Cabin Medium Grey (… Rs. 13,847
COLOR LAND Travel Bag Rs. 2,700
Zipper Cosmetic Travel Bag Rs. 2,199
Carlton Skylite 68cm Trolley Bag Grey Rs. 16,500
mjafferjees - Black Travel Organizer Rs. 7,000
Travel Pouch - BLACK Rs. 10,900
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