Vatti Gas Hob Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Vatti Gas Hob in Pakistan is Rs. 74,900 and estimated average price is Rs. 74,900.


Necessary for cooking, a hob has all the burners with trivets for you to cook your dishes on. The Vatti Gas Hobs come in different sizes and designs, one can choose based on what suits their kitchen.


Vatti Gas Hobs come in different configurations, there are hobs with 2 burners on which you could cook two things simultaneously. The ones with more burners can go up to 5.

Made with steel or tempered glass, the top is easy to clean. The trivets are sturdy so they can handle the load of your pots and pans. Knobs come with child-lock so they cannot be turned with ease.

Auto-ignition makes it a lot easier to light your burners. The burners can be removed as well so one can get a good clean, this keeps everything running well. The Vatti Gas Hobs are waterproof so water does not get inside them, this helps save from any internal issues being caused.

There is a system for flame-failure, this makes sure if the flame goes off the gas also turns off; a super useful feature as this is commonly how dangerous accidents happen. The safety system for this feature is a Spanish device.

The Vatti Gas Hobs are well designed with sleek looks.

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Vatti Hob Gas Rs. 74,900
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