Fotile Gas Hob Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Fotile Gas Hob in Pakistan is Rs. 42,599 and estimated average price is Rs. 75,964.


A Fotile Gas Hob can be installed in your kitchen and used to cook on. The burner configuration varies, one can get fewer burners or more depending on their needs.


Fotile Gas Hobs are made from tempered glass or stainless steel this makes them sturdy and also easy to clean. The burner configurations range from only one, up to three. Depending on what one's needs are, one can choose the right number of burners.

The Fotile Gas Hobs have a flame failure safety system, this makes sure that the gas is switched off in case the flame goes off. This way the gas will not leak into your kitchen and home. There are other safety features as well such as a waterproof upper layer.

To make it easy to ignite the fire there is an ignitor that uses a battery to get power. This means one does not have to use a lighter or matchsticks, meaning you do not need to get a hand close to the burner.

There are two different lines that Fotile has, one is the Super Flame and the other is EPS. Super Flame, as the name suggests has a system that allows for a much larger flame. This would be great for people who fry things in a wok, such as for Chinese or Japanese cuisine.

The EPS versions are all about Efficiency Power and Stability. A mix of all these features so one has a balanced hob. This also helps conserve gas, making it ideal if you want to manage your bill well.

The prices of Fotile Gas Hobs vary from mid to high, depending on the size mostly.

Price List

Model Price
Fotile GAS-78307 | 3 Burner Gas Hob Rs. 74,099
Fotile Gas Hob 2 Burner Glass Top FD2B Rs. 46,559
Fotile 3 Burners Gas Hob GDG-78309 Rs. 53,000
Fotile 3 Burners Gas Kitchen Hob 78307 Rs. 81,900
Fotile 5 Burners Gas Kitchen Hob GFG-90501 Rs. 114,900
Fotile FD-2G | 2 Burners Gas Hob Rs. 44,363
Fotile FD-2B | 2 Burners Gas Hob Rs. 46,499
Fotile Gas Hob 3 burner FD Burners Glass Top GDG … Rs. 72,959
Fotile GAG-86309 | 3 Burner Gas Hob Rs. 90,479
Fotile 3 Burners Gas Hob 90302 Rs. 97,800
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