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The best price of Wella Hair Color in Pakistan is Rs. 890 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,307.


Wella Hair Color can cover 100% grey hair strands using a simple 1:1 ratio formula that is easy to use at home. It has root to top evenness with damage reducing technologies that protect the hair from colourising chemicals. Wella has a wide range of colour charts that offers true colour matches with your natural hair colour with long-lasting colour results.


The colour charts by Wella Hair Color starts with the Koleston Perfect Color Chart that has Pure Natural have a range of pure to cool and warm tones that cover blonde to dark hair types. The Rich Naturals chart has red and chestnut tones that add volume and depth to the hair. The Deep Browns take copper, bronze, burgundy and mahogany tones mixed in with light to brown colours. The Vibrant Reds can be used to transform the hair offering bright brown shades with red as well as pure red that turns into deep purple across the chart. There are blonde tones and primary colours that include yellow, orange, red, purple, and blue colours. With the Wella Hair Color products, men and women can enjoy shiny and 5 levels of lift that instantly transforms the texture of the hair from frizzy to smooth repairing each hair strand. The formula has a lower risk of allergy but is advised to do a 48h allergy test before each colouring treatment. 

Wella Hair Color is an oil colour cream with intense moisturizing compounds that will act as a protective coating on the hair for several weeks. The Wella Koleston is an ammonia-free permanent hair dye that gives a month of vibrant results depending on the frequency of hair washing. The Wella Soft Color is a natural hair colour that has 29 shades all infused with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Aloe Bera that ensure 90% less hair fall and breakage. It can last up to 28 washes and will add multi-dimensional tones and radiant shine to your hair. 

Price List

Model Price
Wella Koleston Color Cream 7/1 Medium Ash Blonde Rs. 1,600
Wella Koleston Color Cream 7/1 Medium Ash Blonde Rs. 1,600
Wella Soft Hair Colour Dark Brown 30 Rs. 999
Wella Koleston Color Cream Kit 7/3 Hazelnut Rs. 1,399
Wella Soft Hair Colour Redish Brown 54 Rs. 990
Wella Koleston Color Cream 7/1 Medium Ash Blonde Rs. 1,600
Wella Koleston Oil Color Cream Kit, 7/77, Seducti… Rs. 1,399
Wella Soft Color No Ammonia Hair Color, 70 Natura… Rs. 1,150
Wella Soft Color No Ammonia Hair Color, 60 Dark B… Rs. 1,150
Wella Soft Hair colour Light Blonde 80 Rs. 890
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