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The best price of Yamaha Speakers in Pakistan is Rs. 54,600 and estimated average price is Rs. 92,366.


A high end audio and music equipment brand. The Yamaha speaker range has all the various kinds that one would need for any of their requirements from professional-level audio to smaller Bluetooth speakers. The Yamaha range is generally from a higher price point, with some of their speakers being at a more accessible price.


Yamaha Corporation

One of the most renowned brands in the world, Yamaha develops many different products. Starting off with musical instruments, which is also why the logo still retains the tri-tuning fork symbol. Today they make mechanical products as well, such as generators and motorcycles. Their product range also includes speakers of many different kinds. Yamaha speakers are some of the best and the industry-standard in many fields of the audio business.

Yamaha Speakers

With a full range, Yamaha speakers can be installed in most spaces. They have a range of speakers for car audio, designed to fit into the spaces specifically designed for such. The loudspeaker segment has options for powered loudspeakers or loudspeakers that need to be powered via an amp. These loudspeakers are akin to the speakers used in clubs.

For large scale events, Yamaha has line array speakers, these are fed a signal in-phase and are hung together. Instead of the sound originating from a point it originates from a line. Line array speakers are great for concerts and other such large scale events or venues. 

There are speakers for spaces like restaurants and other such public spaces, these are called wall-mounted speakers and ceiling speakers. These are available in different sizes depending on the space they have to provide sound for. As some spaces have outdoor sections there are speakers that are also weatherproof, so the outdoors also has a soundscape for people to enjoy.

Music production is a huge market and Yamaha also furnishes the needs of producers. With a line of speakers that are designed for use in the studio. These are also known as flat or reference speakers; the listener hears exactly what the sound file is like. This helps them tweak it and clean up the mix and then to master the song. After this process, the song is ready to be played on any kind of system and should, essentially, sound good/clean. The HS5's from Yamaha, in this segment, are found in a multitude of home and professional studios. They are from a very accessible price point, so even a person starting can afford quality equipment.

Aside from these professional audio systems, Yamaha has an assortment of home theatre systems, Bluetooth speakers and docks.


The sound of Yamaha speakers is top-notch, the materials and build are high-quality. Aside from some of the range, most products are from a more expensive price point, but the quality of sound is worth it.

Price List

Model Price
Yamaha Speaker YHT-1840 Rs. 96,500
Yamaha Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofers and Ale… Rs. 89,999
Yamaha Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofers and Ale… Rs. 62,999
Yamaha NS-F51 Floor Standing Speaker Rs. 93,999
NS-F51 Yamaha Floor Standing Speaker Rs. 94,000
Yamaha NS-P350 Speakers Rs. 109,999
Yamaha Music Soundbar Speaker built-in Alexa YAS … Rs. 95,999
Yamaha NS-7390 Floor Standing Speaker Rs. 71,999
Yamaha NS-P150 speaker Srround+Center Rs. 56,999
Yamaha CBR-10 10 inch Passive Loudspeaker Rs. 91,999
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