Bingo Deluxe Meat Grinder Price in Pakistan

The best price of Bingo Deluxe Meat Grinder in Pakistan is Rs. 12,599 and estimated average price is Rs. 13,557.


If you want to prepare your own mincemeat you need a meat grinder. one can get the Bingo Deluxe meat grinder for this purpose. This is an electronic device and costs a mid range price.


A Bingo Deluxe meat grinder is a small kitchen appliance that can easily fit onto your countertop. It is the ideal way to prepare mincemeat at home.

This lets one have a cleaner mince and also this meat grinder comes with different blades that let you choose what kind of grain you want. The options are fine, medium and coarse. Some people like more coarse mince for their burgers so this is great versatility.

There is also a reverse function on the Bingo Deluxe meat grinder, this is in case something is not flowing through it can be moved about till it does. The feeding tray on top makes it easy to drop the meat into the grinder.

A powerful grinder, the Bingo Deluxe meat grinder is available for an affordable price.

Price List

Model Price
Bingo Deluxe Meat Grinder – Silver – MG-600 Rs. 12,599
Bingo Deluxe Meat Grinder – Silver – MG-600 Rs. 13,178
Bingo Deluxe Meat Grinder MG-600 Silver Rs. 14,895
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