Calvin Klein Obsession Night

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A fragrance that has a male and female version, from a leading American fashion house. Calvin Klein Obsession Night has muskiness for both variants with the women's next categorisation being floral and the men's being woody. Both of the options are well-liked if one is to read the reviews and both are available for affordable prices.


Calvin Klein is an all American fashion house, one of the few that competes with the European names. The brand produces a lot of items, this includes clothes, accessories and fragrances. There are various fragrance lines one can find at Calvin Klein, including Obsession. This line was released many years ago and has had a lot of variants launched over the years; such as Calvin Klein Obsession Night which was launched in 2005.

Calvin Klein Obsession Night

There is an option for women and men both under this label. The women's one is considered to be musky with floral notes. The top end is made of white blossoms, bitter orange, angelica, bergamot and mandarin orange. At the heart there one finds gardenia, jasmine, lily of the valley and rose. This adds many more accords to the floral tone of Obsession Night.

At the base, to give this perfume a fullness there is cashmere wood, vanilla, sandalwood, tonka bean and amber. These notes add is the musky feel that carries the lighter notes through, creating a whole experience for the wearer and people around them.

The men's version of Calvin Klein Obsession Night has a scent that is led by pear, cardamom, artemisia and grapefruit. This creates a lighter opening, with some fruit and citrus to cut the lower tones. The middle is home to nutmeg and musk, one adds in a dash of spice and the other brings in the base musk accords slowly.

To make an earthy base there is patchouli, vetiver and vanilla. These create a good rooting for the scents above.

Both variants of the Calvin Klein Obsession Night fragrance are the perfect scent for a night out. It also suits the winter months, but of course, timing and season is up to the wearer.


The price of the Calvin Klein Obsession Night perfume and cologne is in an affordable range, making them easier to purchase for many people.


The best price of Calvin Klein Obsession Night in Pakistan is Rs. 10,260 and the estimated average price is Rs. 10,260.

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Calvin Klein Obsession Night For Men, 125ml Rs. 10,260