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The best price of Citizen Men Watches in Pakistan is Rs. 23,099 and estimated average price is Rs. 41,436.


A commonly known watch brand, Citizen produces a very large number of watches each year. With an extensive catalogue for men's watches so everyone has something they can choose. The price range varies quite a bit, starting at the more affordable end to a lot more expensive watches. This is based on the watch one picks and from which line by Citizen.


Citizen Watch Co.

A watch brand that is known for its reliability. Started in 1918 as 'Shokosha Watch Research Institute', later after being sold the name was changed to Citizen. The brand produces nearly all of their components in Japan, except for some of the movements that are produced in Switzerland by La Joux Perret, a subsidiary of theirs. 

Citizen watches are simple in design, with a focus on low power consumption, a slim body and accuracy. Citizen watches are similar to Casio and Seiko. Catering to a similar market segment as well; people who want reliable watches that are also not too expensive. It is one of the brands that had the best auto-assembly line back in the late 1970s. Citizen has a wide variety so some watches are relatively economical while others are expensive and handmade by meisters and super meisters.

Citizen watches

Given the extensive catalogue, Citizen has a lot of options to choose from. Their men's watches have an array of possible features including atomic timekeeping, Eco-Drive that uses light to produce electricity, Ultra High Frequency (UHF) movement and more.

There are various lines that have design, feature and price differences. 'Atomic Timekeeping' is a series of watches that has an atomic timing signal keeping them accurate to 1 second in over 20 million years. 'Drive' are classically designed watches, with a mix of traditional to sportier styles.

'Super Titanium' is a range that is a lot lighter and 5 times tougher than stainless steel. The collection is about bringing something new and different, which is also comfortable due to its nature of build. Citizen's 'Classic' segment is another ladies line, with timeless designs that have been around for decades with the brand. Fusing in more modern sophistication to the styles as time passes.

For more regular men's wear that is causal too, there is the 'Weekender' collection. These timepieces are based on military and classic styles. Their range of professional athlete grade watches that can be used by divers is called 'Promaster', these have timing functions to keep track of laps and such. With great appeal for adventurers as well.

Another interesting line is the 'Satellite Wave GPS Timekeeping' collection. These watches are connected to the GPS systems and update the time depending on what time zone one is in. Great for someone who travels often.

Apart from all these lines, there are also limited edition timepieces. These have a collaborative element to them. Citizen licenses characters from Marvel and Star Wars for these, with a special version featuring Marvels real-life hero, Stan Lee.


Citizen is one of the most common watch brands. One of every four movements out of a billion-plus watches made each year is a Citizen production. A commonly seen watch in Pakistan too, for many years it has been a big name in the watch market. A brand that has many options, catering to all tastes.

The price range of Citizen's men's watches is varied, with more accessible ranges all the way to premium prices for the high-end timepieces.

Price List

Model Price
Citizen - QUARTZ STANDARD BI5062-55E Rs. 46,305
Citizen Stainless Steel Gents Watch AN3600-59E - … Rs. 45,760
Citizen - QUARTZ STANDARD BI5062-55E Rs. 46,305
Citizen All Black Automatic Watch Rs. 63,850
Citizen - QUARTZ STANDARD BI5062-55E Rs. 46,305
Citizen Wrist Watch For Men In blue Dial With Dat… Rs. 36,700
Citizen Stainless Steel Gents Watch AN3600-59E - … Rs. 45,760
Citizen Wrist Watch For Men In Blue Dial With Dat… Rs. 39,600
Citizen Wrist Watch For Men In white Dial With Da… Rs. 45,900
Citizen Gents Quartz Stainless Steel Watch BF2018… Rs. 29,925
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