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Compare 70 prices from 16 stores.

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Frying is one of the tastiest methods of cooking and many restaurants make use of it. This is especially true for french fries, a staple food that can be found at almost every other restaurant. To make sure they have an efficient machine that is also durable, restaurants need a commercial deep fryer. This is a larger deep fryer so more food can be prepared faster. The price of a commercial deep fryer depends on its size and can be anywhere from the mid to high range.


Commercial deep fryer

If you are running any kind of commercial kitchen you would need a large deep fryer or your food preparation would be held up, wasting your time and the customers time as well.

A commercial deep fryer is larger and some have multiple sections so one can fry different things at the same time. The oil pool can be the same with multiple baskets that have different foods in them. A commercial deep fryer can be based on electricity and gas as well, most places use an electric one though this has a higher cost in the long run due to it consuming a lot of electricity.

The recovery time of a commercial deep fryer is very important. This means the time it takes for the oil to return to optimum cooking temperature after the food has been put in. If it takes too long the food will be greasy and also soak up a lot of oil, increasing your cost of cooking. A fast recovery time does mean the fryer will consume a bit more power, but the food will be a lot better in taste.

One needs to consider the tank size, but also the tank capacity based on the kind of food you are cooking. Not all fryers have the tank capacity for larger food items, so if that is a need one needs to see if it will fit.

Commercial deep fryers have simple knobs that let you set the temperature to your required level for the food you are cooking and a timer as well, so it is easy to have the food not get burnt.


The oil in a commercial deep fryer needs to be filtered and also replaced regularly, the frequency depends on how it is used. Most also have sediment zones where particles gather and can be cleaned out, keeping this zone clean means your customers will not have small burnt food debris in their food. In many, the oil tank can be taken out as a separate component, making it easy to clean it too.

The price of a commercial deep fryer depends on its size and the power source it uses, the larger the fryer the more it costs. Prices start at the mid-range for a 6-litre electric option.

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The best price of Commercial Deep Fryer in Pakistan is Rs. 9,702 and the estimated average price is Rs. 32,496.

Price List

Model Price
Mini Electric Fryer Multifunction Home Electric D… Rs. 13,300
WestPoint WF-5234 Cool Touch Plastic Body Commerc… Rs. 18,063
Westpoint WF-5239 Commercial Purpose Open-able Bl… Rs. 19,864
Sencor SFR 9300BK Multifunction deep fryer Rs. 38,444
Delonghi IdealFry Low-Oil Fryer & Multicooker – F… Rs. 33,894
WESTPOINT Deep Fryer WF-5237 Rs. 11,999
Anex - Deep Fryer (1800 W) - 2014 (SNS) Rs. 20,199
WESTPOINT Deep Fryer WF-5234 Rs. 9,702
Anex Deep Fryer – AG-2012 – White Rs. 16,950
Alpina Deep Fryer 2.2 Litres SF-4006 Rs. 14,060
Anex AG-2014 – Deep Fryer – Black Rs. 17,940
ANEX Deep Fryer AG-2014 Rs. 14,950