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The best price of Fotile Oven in Pakistan is Rs. 95,600 and estimated average price is Rs. 153,153.


Fotile is one of those Chinese companies that are the leading names in Pakistan for high quality and stylish kitchen appliances. The company was created in 1996 as Fotile Group and has since been manufacturing high-end kitchen appliances such as ovens and selling them worldwide. Ovens by Fotile are highly sought after in Pakistan for their affordability and easy availability across the country. They are available in electric, microwave and steam variety. Check out Fotile oven prices in Pakistan here and read on for more information.


Fotile Oven Types

You can buy Fotile ovens, hobs, microwaves and several other products from our page. Following are the types of ovens offered by Fotile. The brand sells three types of ovens; steam ovens, electric ovens and microwave ovens. 

1. Fotile Steam Ovens

Steam ovens by Fotile come with a reservoir that needs to be filled with water for the proper functioning of the oven. The oven heats up and turns the water into steam within seconds. This creates a hot moist environment that can help cook your food in a healthy way without the use of oil or butter. Since the food is cooked in steam in such ovens, they contain more moisture and also tend to retain more nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that are otherwise lost during boiling or frying.

2. Fotile Electric Ovens

You can bake, roast and grill a variety of foods in Fotile electric ovens. These include pizza, cake, chicken, fish, brownies, lasagne etc. Place the cake batter or anything that you want to bake or roast, in the centre of Fotile oven to ensure even cooking. This will distribute the heat evenly and the cake will bake perfectly from all sides. The ovens have a large capacity so that you can easily bake even the largest turkey you can get your hands on without worrying about the space.

3. Fotile Microwave Ovens

Though microwave ovens are different than regular gas or electric baking ovens, they heat the food and the advanced such as the Fotile microwave ovens even help cook, bake and grill foods. These microwaves are an excellent choice for people who are fond of baking and cooking. 

The best Fotile oven depends on your needs and kitchen setting. Fotile is a trusted name and most of the Pakistani households prefer buying kitchen appliances from the brand. 

Price List

Model Price
Fotile KEG-6001A Built-in Electric Oven Rs. 130,319
Fotile 25L Built-In Microwave Oven 25800K-C2 Rs. 191,500
Fotile 25L Built-In Microwave Oven 25800K-01A Rs. 116,200
Fotile Build In Oven KSG7007A Rs. 159,999
Fotile Built in Electric Oven 52Ltr KES-6003A-1 Rs. 95,600
Fotile 25L Built-In Microwave Oven 25800K-03B Rs. 118,500
Fotile KEG 6007A Built-in Electric Oven Rs. 105,239
Fotile KQD50F-01 Built-in Electric Oven Rs. 160,535
Fotile 25L Built-In Microwave Oven 25800K-03 Rs. 119,600
Fotile KSS-7002A Master Built-in Electric Oven Rs. 176,520
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