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Compare 49 prices from 10 stores.

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After the Android-based phone range, Huawei has used the same platform and the technologies associated with it to develop a series of tablets. The Huawei tablets are well-made devices with decent specs. Also, a range geared specifically for kids that has features that help parents better manage their child's screen time. Huawei's range has a good variation of prices, based on features, build and year of release.


The Huawei brand

After their initial success with smartphones, Huawei started producing other devices as well. This included laptops, smartwatches, tablets and more. The Huawei tablets have also done well over the years. They are a more affordable option in comparison to many other brands.

Huawei's tablet range

Over time the tablet catalogue has grown at Huawei. They have upgraded regularly and developed new tablets to keep improving functionality. The sizes start at 7 inches and go up to 10.80 inches, only one model, the Huawei MateBook Tablet, has a 12 inch screen. Huawei has used either Qualcomm, MediaTek or their own HiSilicone Kirin processors. All are good quality processors, with Qualcomm leading the pack and the higher end Kirin chips coming after. MediaTek is used more in entry level devices. For the 12 inch MateBook Tablet Huawei is using an Intel processor, also indicating this is the tablet that is closest to a portable PC.

In light of making more portable PC options, Huawei has tablets that include a 'desktop mode'. This mode allows users to attach a keyboard and a mouse; with the interface shifting to a traditional desktop layout. A very useful feature if one has work that they need to do on the go, portability is still the base structure with layered functionality. Making these tablets more diverse than just Android-based devices.

Huawei's tablets employ the Google Android base to build their own skin of a proprietary user interface on top, which is known as EMUI. This allows for more customisations in comparison to the simple Android OS, letting users personalise their experience. Such features help a person set up their machine in a manner more intuitive to them.

Design-wise these tablets are simply lined, some with brushed finishes and others glossy. The design is generally minimal, but some models do have extra line work on the body.

The newer models have better RAM and storage, the older ones have 1GB for RAM and 8GB for storage. Over time this has scaled up and continues to grow. With ample RAM and storage space for most users. The same goes for the front and back cameras, the older models had basic specs and with time the specs have moved up the scale. Newer models have powerful lenses and well-developed camera apps that come with many digital features. These features can help spruce up one's photography by a substantial margin.

The connectivity options have a full range, as does the sensor range. Huawei's tablets have space for SIMs, allowing users to use them similar to a phone. Having portable access to the internet is a great aid when one is working on the go. Aside from that the tablets contain Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS and variations of the smaller USB modules (Type-C or microUSB). The sensors can include a mix of any of the regulars found in smartphones, including a gyro, a fingerprint reader, a compass, an accelerometer and a proximity sensor. These sensors help with a lot of the apps and how the machine functions.

For sound, the Huawei tablets have built-in speakers and a number of them also retain the 3.5mm audio jack. Otherwise, one can always connect their speaker or headphones via the Bluetooth connection. Huawei has developed support for their own M-Stylus, enabling designers to make more use of their tablets. Not just entertainment devices, one could use them to draw or do drafting.

The devices that are built for audio and streaming are the ones in the 'Youth' series. A slightly more locked down experience so it is a safer device for children to be using. Aside from that these devices also have educational tools to help children learn easier. Adding in the help of a visual interface they can interact with via touch. In lew of needing more control, the device can tell if the user's posture is bad and show a notification to fix it, along with strict time controls so usage limits can be set. The devices geared for this entertainment-related experience have Harman Kardon speakers integrated into them, for a way better soundscape.

Battery timing on the Huawei tablets is good, especially with the newer models that are making use of Li-Polymer based sells. These cells have a better overall life and can also be made into a slimmer form factor, a very useful trait for portable devices.

The prices vary but generally, the Huawei tablets are lower to mid-range devices. The newer models or models with better specs being the more pricey ones.

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The best price of Huawei Tablet in Pakistan is Rs. 21,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 78,437.

Price List

Model Price
Huawei Tab T5 10.1 WiFi Rs. 48,000
Daraz Like New Tablets – Huawei D Tab Compact Doc… Rs. 21,499
HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro Rs. 41,900
Huawei P50 Pro 256gb Pta Rs. 300,000
Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro Titanium Rs. 82,900
Huawei Nova 10 Rs. 141,899
Huawei M5 10.8 Screen 4gb Ram 32gb Storage Androi… Rs. 34,999
Huawei M5 10.8 Screen 4gb Ram 32gb Storage Androi… Rs. 33,499
Huawei M5 10.8 Screen 4gb Ram 32gb Storage Androi… Rs. 33,999
Huawei D-01k| 32 Gb Storage | 3 Gb Ram || Octa-co… Rs. 21,499
Huawei Nova 9 Rs. 107,999
Daraz Like New Tablets – Huawei D-01k| 32 Gb Stor… Rs. 24,999