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The best price of Nestle Lactogrow 3 in Pakistan is Rs. 420 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,263.


Nestle Lactogrow 3 is made for kids who are between 1 to 3 years of age. The formula contains a lot of different nutrition such as various vitamins, minerals and more. All these aid in the growth of young children. Nestle Lactogrow 3 is especially good for malnourished children.


Nestle Lactogrow 3 is especially made for children that are between 1 and 3 years of age. It helps make sure they get all the nutrition needed for growing healthy. With a broad mix of nutrients that help with this process.

The Nestle Lactogrow 3 powder also contains DHA and ARA which play a crucial role in the structure, function and development of the brain, nerves and eyes. There are also probiotics that improve gut health such as L. Comfortis. 

Other nutrients present include minerals such as potassium, chloride, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, iodine and zinc. For vitamins, Nestle Lactogrow 3 has vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B1, B2, B6, and B12. One also finds taurine which helps with heart and brain functions.

How much Nestle Lactogrow 3 is given to a child depends on their health and what the doctor recommends. 

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Model Price
NESTLE LACTOGROW 3 Growing-up Formula Powder Milk… Rs. 1,779
Nestle Lactogrow 3 400gm Rs. 963
NESTLE LACTOGROW 3 Growing-up Formula Powder Milk… Rs. 1,779
Nestle Lactogrow 3 400g Rs. 890
Nestle Lactogrow 3 400 GM Rs. 910
NESTLE Lactogrow-3 800Gm Rs. 1,865
Nestle lactogrow 3 powder 800gm Rs. 1,615
Nestle Lactogrow 3 800 gm Rs. 1,690
Nestle Lactogrow 3, 400g Rs. 910
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