Panasonic Meat Mincer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Panasonic Meat Mincer in Pakistan is Rs. 21,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 26,750.


Panasonic produces a lot of appliances for the home, including meat mincers. An electronic meat mincer can add a lot of convenience to your mincing process. There are different blades so one can choose the thickness that suits their needs. These meat mincers can be opened and washed to keep them clean. The price of Panasonic's meat mincers is in the mid-range.


A great food prep appliance for use at home, a meat mincer makes quick work of processing your meat for you. Panasonic produces electronic meat mincers that are super fast at mincing. These make for very convenient food prep.

There is a small feeding tray on top that can be used to place the meat to be inserted into the tube that leads to the mincing mechanism. There are various blade options so one can choose the thickness of mince they want.

One of the best reasons to have a Panasonic meat mincer is that you can prepare fresh mince from good quality meat. Store-bought mincemeat can be made from older meat or leftover chewy bits that add too much gristle to the mince. Another advantage is that one can choose the exact mix of fat versus lean meat for their burgers or other recipes that need it.

Panasonic's meat mincers can be opened and cleaned so the meat is not contaminated by any older pieces stuck inside.


These meat mincers are small-sized appliances that can be used easily on the kitchen countertop. The price of Panasonic meat mincers is in the mid-range, comparatively more expensive than brands such as Anex that also have similar mincers.

Price List

Model Price
PANASONIC Meat mincer MKG-1300 Rs. 21,500
MK-GM1700 Meat Grinders – Panasonic Rs. 32,000
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