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The best price of Soy Sauce in Pakistan is Rs. 0.75 and estimated average price is Rs. 576.


A standard condiment used with East Asian foods which originated in ancient China. Soy sauce is a thin sauce which is salty and has hits of umami and sweet. There are an endless number of brands that produce soy sauce. The price of soy sauce is generally nominal.


Soy Sauce

Dating back over 2,200 years ago, soy sauce originates from ancient China. It is a regularly used ingredient and condiment in East Asian cuisine. Today soy sauce is consumed all over the world.

Soy sauce has a watery consistency and is made from the fermented paste of soybeans, roasted grain, brine and certain moulds.

Soy sauce profile

For the most part, soy sauce is salty with a bit of umami and then a slight sweetness. At the end, it has a slightly bitter tone which is often missed by people. 

MSG concerns

This sauce also has Monosodium Glutamate, commonly referred to as MSG. MSG does not suit certain people, although it was widely believed to be unhealthy for everyone. That has been refuted by some studies which say that people who are sensitive to it should avoid it. Naturally, in larger quantities, it could be an issue for even healthy people.


Soy sauce is made in many different countries, which means over time the flavours have varied from the original Chinese style. It is commonly had with noodles, rice, sushi and sashimi.

It is also had with dishes from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Burmese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Taiwanese and Filipino cuisines. Other regions make use of it today as well since the spread of culture has aided such crossover.

This condiment is available for nominal prices.

Price List

Model Price
Glass Oil Soy Sauce Vinegar Seasoning Bottle Disp… Rs. 666
Soy Sauce 120ml Rs. 59
US Shangrilaa Soy Sauce 300ml Rs. 195
Shangrila Soy Sauce 120ml Rs. 0.75
Kikkoman Soy Sauce Rs. 990
Q&N Flavors SOY Sauce - 770ml Rs. 140
Shangrila Soy Sauce 800ml Rs. 240
National Soy Sauce 300ml Rs. 220
Dipitt Soy Sauce 310gm Rs. 400
Glass Oil Soy Sauce Vinegar Seasoning Bottle Disp… Rs. 666
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