Belkin Car Charger Price in Pakistan

The best price of Belkin Car Charger in Pakistan is Rs. 5,799 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,483.


Given that busy people spend so much time in their cars, commuting, having a car charger makes it easier to keep their devices powered up. Especially since not all cars have built-in USB ports. Belkin is one of the brands producing car chargers that are of good quality. There is a varied range of options that one can choose from, based on their needs. The prices are affordable, but a bit mid-range considering that they are for a car charger.


Belkin is a USA based brand that produces consumer electronics, it is also the parent of Linksys and WeMo. Itself, Belkin is owned by the Taiwanese giant, Foxconn. Among the products, one finds a lot of different gizmos for everyday digital life. Including car chargers.

Belkin car charger

Having a charger in the car to power your various portable devices makes for a convenient solution. The wattages vary and one can choose the one that suits their needs. These are compact chargers that fit into the electric lighter port to access power, which they then transfer to devices via a cable.

There are options that have multiple ports so one can charge more than one device at the same time. The ports are generally USB-A but one can also find options with USB-C ports, in case their general usage and cables fit that standard better. Certain options come with a cable and other Belkin car chargers come without any cables.

Compatability is across the board, with some devices also getting support for Fast Charging. The quality of Belkin products is high, just as is the quality of their car chargers. There is a small LED light on all of them to let you know the status of charging.


The price of Belkin car chargers is affordable, but somewhat in the mid-range for just a small car charger.

Price List

Model Price
Belkin BOOST UP Universal Car Charger with Micro … Rs. 8,099
Belkin Road Rockstar 4-Port Passenger Car Charger Rs. 10,199
Belkin BOOST UP 2-Port Car Charger + USB-A to Mic… Rs. 10,499
Belkin Universal Car Charger with Lightning Cable… Rs. 11,599
Belkin BOOST UP 2-Port Car Charger + USB-A to USB… Rs. 9,199
Belkin BOOST UP Car Charger - Red Rs. 5,799
Belkin Charger Kit with Lightning to USB Cable (1… Rs. 11,399
Belkin BOOST UP Car Charger - Pink Rs. 5,799
Belkin Retractable Car-Stereo Cable Rs. 14,199
Belkin BOOST UP 2-Port Car Charger Rs. 9,399
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