Beurer Mini Air Humidifier Price in Pakistan

Compare 11 prices from 5 stores. The best price of Beurer Mini Air Humidifier in Pakistan is Rs. 11,999 and the estimated average price is Rs. 40,644.


Beurer is a great brand for personal care electronics. The brand also has mini air humidifiers that can be used for smaller spaces. Available for affordable rates, this can be very helpful for your indoor environment during the drier seasons.


The human body needs a certain level of humidity in the air for optimal performance. Having a Beurer mini air humidifier indoors can help with this.

Beurer humidifiers use ultrasound humidification technology to get a very refined level of dispersing. This would be great for the drier months and also for people who have breathing issues by replicating the atmosphere; the atmosphere generally has some humidity to make breathing easier.

A room with the right level of humidity will help one's skin not get irritated. Also helping with the nose and throat.

The price of the Beurer mini air humidifier is in an affordable range.

Price List

Model Price
LB12 Beurer Mini Air Humidifier 20m2 White Rs. 11,999
Mini Portable Dehumidifier Rs. 11,999
Air Humidifier (Beurer LR 500 Filter) 1s Rs. 15,000
Air Humidifier (Beurer LB 50) 1s Rs. 15,000
Beurer LB 88 Air Humidifier... Rs. 17,094
Air Humidifier Black (Beurer LB 88) 1s Rs. 21,000
LB88 Beurer Humidifier 48m3 6Ltr Ultrasonic Nebul… Rs. 29,999
Air Humidifiers (Beurer LR 330) 1s Rs. 55,000
Beurer LW220 Humidifier upto 36m2 Rs. 84,999
Beurer LW230 Air Purifier Humidifier upto 40m2 Rs. 84,999
Hassan Gilani
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Compare 11 prices from 5 stores.

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