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A brand dedicated to the health and well being of people, with many products geared for such uses. Beurer's range includes medical devices, devices for fitness, electronics especially for the care fo babies, beauty related items and general wellbeing in the home. The prices of Beurer devices are also a testament to their quality; it is a brand that produces high quality and expensive products.


Beurer the brand

Beurer started as a maker of electric-blankets and later moved into producing electronics for health and wellbeing in the 1980s. The brand was established in 1919, in Ulm, Germany. Today the base is still Germany but in the town of Uttenweiler, with production based in Hungary and the Far East. With a few different lines, Beurer has been able to develop devices that help people improve their health and quality of life.

Beurer Medical

The medial electronics include an oximeter that helps read the oxygen saturation (oxygen levels) in a patients blood and their heart rate. This is used by patients and healthy individuals as well; to check how the body is performing. For blood pressure readings Beurer has either wrist bands or upper-arm bands that tell the wearers read. Some models have functionality to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and keep logging the readings so one can have a better overview over extended time. Producing two different kinds of thermometers, first the simple ones that tell one's temperature. The second is an ovulation thermometer, this uses the basal body temperature to figure out a users ovulation cycle and helps with family planning. Beurer also produces a range of nebulisers to help people with respiratory issues of various kinds and for the atomization of certain medicines, this helps the body absorb them easier. Also producing a range of hearing aids for people with hearing impairments.

Beurer Active

With devices that are combined with belts, cuffs, sleeves and patches, for the relieving of pain and strengthening of muscles. Electrostimulation is used to either train or regenerate muscles. The fascia massage helps break down clumping in the fascia. The fascia is a connective tissue which is beneath the skin and it attaches, stabilizes, encloses, separates muscles and other internal organs. These devices either employ TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) or ENS (electrical muscle stimulation).

The other product in the Active line are activity trackers, they have functions similar to the Fitbit. With trackers for steps, distance, activity duration, calorie consumption and fat burn. The trackers also keep an eye on your sleep, detailing its quality. 

Beurer Babycare

Beurer helps make the life of a parent easier with reliable products for the care of a baby. These include baby weighing scales that are like a shallow bowl so the baby can wiggle about and not get dislodged. The scale also has integration to a smartphone to have the weight details logged. The ever scary problem of lice and nits (lice eggs) has a simpler solution at Beurer which is chemical-free, the lice comb. It is designed to use an electric current that activates when it comes into contact with lice or nits. Beurer produces nebulizers for a younger generation as well; to help kids who have issues of the lower respiratory tract, colds, asthma or other respiratory diseases. In case one needs to clean a baby's nose thoroughly there is a nasal aspirator. It also helps clear a stuffy nose, while being gentle and hygienic. Other products include a baby monitor that is WiFi ready as well as a breast pump.

Beurer Wellbeing

The Wellbeing segment has items that are all geared for improvement of everyday lifestyle. In that light, the first things that are important are air purifiers, air humidifiers and the combination of both those in the form of air washers. These help keep the air indoors clean and humidified to the right degree, which in turn helps with overall health. The original product, the electric blanket has also evolved over time and there are pads available in different shapes and sizes now that are body-part specific. For the new age there are also portable versions that come with a power bank, essentially working with any power bank. These pads are all made out of various fabrics and to make it easier to wash the electronic components can be taken off, so it is safe to throw the pads into the laundry. Beurer also makes special lamps that are good for the health, one version is the sunlight emulator which is designed for areas that have less sun in the winter. The lamp will help one's melatonin and serotonin secretion cycles which affect the biorhythm. The infrared lamp is for people who may have colds or muscle tension. The increased blood flow helps the body regenerate and also the heat causes sweat which is a great way to get out toxins. There is a line of weighing scales that, depending on the model, can connect to an app to log all relevant information. Also, different models have various reading abilities, which can include body fat, body water content, muscle percentage, bone mass, personal calorie display and BMI along with weight. Other than all this Beurer makes a range of massage mats and pads as part of the Wellbeing section. Some are area-specific and others are for general usage. With options for heating along with the massaging vibrations, adding another layer to ease tension and stress.

Beurer Beauty

This segment has products that are developed for different kinds of beauty related maintenance. The first portion deals with facial cleansing, with facial brushes for deeper cleaning. A pore cleanser to really get deep into the pores and drain them. There is a smaller microdermabrasion machine which can be safely used at home. Generally, a procedure for which one had to go to a dermatologist. Another process they have made accessible at home is laser hair removal, with a handheld device that slows down the growth of one's hair. The laser light pulses at the root of the hair and causes it to not grow, a long-lasting effect that leaves the user with smooth skin. Beurer also has devices for manicures and pedicures to be done in the comfort of one's home. For haircare, they stock a straightener and detangling brush. Another set of interesting products from them are the cellulite 'releaZers', clinically tested products that reduce cellulite. The deep tissue vibration massage helps tone the body and help with cellulite.

This brand is all about health and wellbeing; Beurer has a top market reputation and has maintained that over a long period of time. The products are made from quality materials with a fine finish, which puts them at the top end of the price range as well. 


The best price of Beurer in Pakistan is Rs. 27,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 47,212.

Price List

Model Price
Beurer Fm 150 Compression Massager Rs. 29,000
Beurer Foot Massager, FM 90 Rs. 42,000
Beurer Fm 150 Pro Compression Massager Rs. 46,000
Beurer Wellbeing Air Purifier, LR-220 Rs. 52,500
Beurer Bm 81 With Innovative Easylock System Rs. 27,000
Beurer Wellbeing Tower Fan, LV-200 Rs. 42,000
Beurer - Manicure & Pedicure Station-mp 100 Rs. 50,000
Beurer Foot Air Compression Massager Fm 90 Rs. 38,000
Beurer Baby Care Video Monitor, BY-110 Rs. 49,999