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The best price of Laptop Bag in Pakistan is Rs. 2,099 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,703.


A laptop bag helps you protect your costly laptop, keeping it safe from bumps and moderate rain. A sensible buy within a decent budget. Laptop bags are available in many sizes and shapes, with single straps or double straps. The prices vary depending on size, materials and make.


Considerations when buying a laptop bag

From the loculus carried by Roman soldiers to the ubiquitous leather briefcase to the modern laptop bag, all are iterations of functional convenience. A laptop bag is like insurance for your expensive laptop, it will protect it and help extend its life while adding a lot of conveniences. Making it easier to carry your laptop and the other items that go along with it. Laptop bags come in various sizes and pocket configurations, with some that have an extra 'sleeve' like covering for the laptop before it is inserted into the dedicated padded slot. The laptop bag sizes vary according to possible sizes of laptops, so keep in mind how many inches your laptop is and if it will fit into the padded slot or not.

On average a laptop weighs from 2 to 4Kgs, with other items like an external mouse, papers and more the weight can be up to about 6Kgs. Some health experts claim one should not carry that much weight more than 90 meters, whether it is a single cross strap or double straps as it puts weight on the spine. Side straps do put weight on the body in a non-symmetrical manner which can be damaging in the long run.

The major question is whether you will be walking or in a car or riding a bike. If you may find yourself in rain at times a bag with a rain-proof layer will be of great help. Another thing to think about is what all you want to carry in your laptop bag regularly and then decide how much extra space you need. Also, it would help to check the material and see if it is durable, whether the zips are of good quality, if the straps are adjustable and the padding is well placed. The design is a consideration if you want something formal or more casual.

Available in various materials from different kinds of fabrics to leather. Laptop bags can be from many different price ranges depending on the size, material and brand. Some of the known brands include Targus, Jafferjee's, HUB and Xiaomi. A lot of the brands that make laptops also have bags made with their insignias.

Price List

Model Price
Kordovan Leather Crazy Horse Laptop Bag Blue - 21… Rs. 17,500
Kordovan Leather Crazy Horse Laptop Bag Dark Brow… Rs. 17,500
Kordovan Leather Crazy Horse Laptop Bag Light Bro… Rs. 17,500
Pink laptop bag Rs. 2,295
Burgundy suede laptop bag Rs. 2,795
Spectre Laptop Bag Lilac Rs. 2,699
Florence Laptop Bag Maroon Rs. 2,399
Fizzy Laptop Bag Brown Rs. 2,599
Florence Laptop Bag Pastel Rs. 2,199
Slik Laptop Bag Lilac Rs. 2,499
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