Calvin Klein Eternity Flame

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Compare 10 prices from 5 stores.

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The Eternity fragrance line from Calvin Klein is among one of the most well known. There have been many iterations over the years and Calvin Klein Eternity Flame is one such iteration. This is a deeper set of options from this line, with amber notes present in both the men's and women's variants. The price of Calvin Klein Eternity Flame fragrances is just above an affordable range.


Calvin Klein is a top American fashion house, one of the few that gave tough competition to the European brands. It produces a lot of clothing, accessories and other items. One can find fragrances among the catalogue, with the Ck One line and Eternity line as very successful ones. The Eternity line is the older one and was a super hit in the 80s and 90s, this spawned many iterations over the years.

One such iteration is Eternity Flame.

Calvin Klein Eternity Flame

There is a version for women and another for men, both of which have an amber base to root the other tones.

The women's version has mandarin orange at the top, with sweet pea a the heart and labdanum at the base. The labdanum is what provides the amber note in this case. This makes for a floral amber scent overall, which is a nice mix as the warmer amber tones can make a great space for the aroma from the other two notes.

For the men's version, there are more ingredients. The top has pineapple, with the middle home to rosemary and the base has labdanum. The tone tags for this variant are Fougere and amber. Meaning it has a lot more green note feelings aside from the warmer tone at the base.

The staying power is a lot with these scents and the sillage is good too. This lets you know the quality of the ingredients used.

These versions complement each other well and would make for a good couples purchase too.


The price of Calvin Klein Eternity Flame fragrances is just above an affordable range, making them somewhat accessible still.

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The best price of Calvin Klein Eternity Flame in Pakistan is Rs. 11,040 and the estimated average price is Rs. 14,787.

Price List

Model Price
Calvin Klein Eternity Flame Men Edt 100Ml Rs. 11,500
Calvin Klein Eternity Men Edt 100Ml Rs. 12,999
Calvin Klein Eternity For Men 100Ml Rs. 15,300
Calvin Klein Eternity For Men Edp 100Ml Rs. 17,550
Calvin Klein Eternity For Men Edp 100ml-Perfume Rs. 15,600
Calvin Klein Eternity For Men Parfum 200Ml Rs. 24,570
Calvin Klein Eternity Women Ck Perfume 100ml Rs. 14,400
Calvin Klein Eternity Man 50Ml Edt Rs. 12,420
Calvin Klein Eternity for Men EDT 50Ml Rs. 11,040