Arbella Penne Rigate Pasta

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Arbella Penne Rigate stands out from other pasta options on the shelf. While it has the classic penne shape with tubes and ridges, there is more to it than meets the eye. With its playful ridges, robust texture and versatility, this pasta encourages culinary creativity, inviting you to explore new possibilities.


Careful Craftsmanship

Arbella Penne Rigate is made from durum wheat semolina, ensuring a satisfyingly firm bite. The semolina creates a slightly rough texture, perfect for holding onto flavorful sauces.

The ridges, or "rigate," are not just for looks, they act like tiny canyons, capturing and maximizing the flavour of every drop of sauce.

Intricate Design

Unlike some smooth penne, Arbella's ridges are more intricate. They twist and turn, resembling miniature braids.

This design is not just visually appealing, it increases the pasta's surface area, improving sauce absorption and creating a playful contrast with various types of sauces.


What makes Arbella Penne Rigate truly special is its versatility. Its robust structure pairs well with hearty sauces, while the ridges enhance lighter options like pesto and seafood sauces.

The pasta even works well with simple olive oil and herbs, catering to those with minimalist tastes.

Beyond the Plate

Arbella Penne Rigate goes beyond traditional pasta dishes. Its tubular shape is ideal for stuffing with ingredients like ricotta and spinach, creating bite-sized delights.

You can also toss it into salads for added texture or break it into smaller pieces for soups and stews, where the ridges trap broth flavours.

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